Thursday, August 9, 2012

April Picture Update

It's been a long time...

Well, I have really fallen off this whole "blog" thing.  I wanted to keep up and send pictures of my kiddos out there for the family to see, but honestly, I got a little bored.  But-- Now I am BACK. Well for today. :)

We have had a ton of "stuff" going on this summer.  Starting with our trip to Italy, wedding showers, then Uncle Mike and Aunt Beth's wedding, Grandpa Leslie retiring, a trip to Mexico, Daddy taking a HUGE test (and all the classes that went along with it), Baby showers (Aunt Jenny's), a Memorial Ride for Uncle Lynn, birthday parties (yep, Jackson got 2), and a cousin wedding in Minneapolis.  PHEW!  It's no wonder we haven't been to the river!!

Here are a few pictures for Jackson's 4th Birthday party. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

32 while 32

32 things to do while 32…

While we were on our trip to Italy, I turned 32... so here is my 32 things to do while 32, many are repeats from previous years... :)

1.        Vacation with hubby (Mexico- June 2012)
2.       Read 12 books, 1 book per month
3.       Redo bathroom (main bath)
4.       Make pillowcases for boys
5.       Paint kitchen
6.       Clean out craft closet
7.       Start trying for baby #3
8.       Plant front gardens
9.       Start project 365- 1 picture a day (project life, take the class)
10.   Use my massage from Valentine’s Day
11.     Wall of M’s
12.     Go on a date night to dinner and a movie with Andy
13.     Sew camper curtains
14.     Garage Sale (September!)
15.     Paint basement
16.     Decorate boys’ toy room downstairs
17.     Gallery wall of pictures
18.     Make Maxwell’s book sling
19.     Hang up artwork in Maxwell’s room
20.     Make storage boxes for our room
21.     Hang up pictures in our bathroom (have everything!!)
22.     Back to 135 pounds 
23.     Birthday/anniversary cards for everyone!  Make a list and start in June!
24.     Slideshows for Jackson and Maxwell (2011 & 2012)
25.     Sew slipper shoes for Jackson/Maxwell/Baby Niece
26.     Take Jackson and Maxwell to a movie
27.     Take boys to a state they have never been to… St. Louis or Minneapolis?on a real vacation where we do vacationy stuff, not weddings. :)
28.     Dinner in Rome for my birthday (April 19)
29.     Save Money for a few household projects- no more random stuff!
30.     Pay off Camper
31.     Get a new vehicle for me
32.  Run a 5K- not walk, run

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Picture update

Some pictures of February...

 With our neighbor kids, Lexi & Dylan
 Snowmobiling with Daddy (Jackson)
 Licking his plate clean!
 Maxwell & Friend Mira
 Jackson & Jaydon trying to "hide" from us!
 This is one of my favorites from Maxwell because he loves to play catch and throw the balls!
 Our little guy and his blankie-- he loves those things!
 Jackson & Spooky
 Cute picture of Jackson

I love this one!  He was in the mood to get his picture taken! :)

First Haircut

Today was a big day in our house... Maxwell got his first hair cut!  He has probably needed it for quite awhile, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, then last week he was called a girl several times, so I decided it was time. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We celebrated big in our house the last couple of weeks we have been doing little Valentine's Day things here and there.  We watched a couple of movies "Winne the Pooh's Valentine" being one of the boys' favorite- on VHS no less!  We baked cupcakes for our playgroup, painted our hands, got our photos taken in "Robot" shirts made by Mommy, made handprint cards for our family, made Daddy a fun picture frame, heart shaped Rice Krispie Treats... just to name a few!  We even did some learning activities for the boys such as heart patterns, making sticky Valentine Hearts (small motor skills), heart balloon batting game, making play dough hearts, and sensory things for Maxwell as well.  I know we did a few other things I am forgetting, but all in all it was a fun holiday!  Here are some pictures of our February so far!

 Cards we sent to Grandparents and Daddy.  Jackson even wrote his own name.  Jackson's handprint was on the outside and Maxwell's on the inside.  Found this idea on Pinterest. I changed it to fix us, but it was so cute!  Life is Sweet.

 Having red jello at our lunch at Great Grandma Joan's with Grandpa Larry.
 Jackson using Valentine cookie cutters with our homemade play dough.
 The boys playing the balloon batting game.  Also found on Pinterest.  Jackson kept saying, "I am so good at this game!"  They had a great time with the balloons as always! from the
 My VERY talented friend, Rachel Martyn took these great pictures of the boys at her new studio in her basement!  She is so GREAT!  The boys were less than cooperative, but it was fun overall and there were a couple of great pictures out of the bunch!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Love you Because...

I decided to make this little number after seeing the idea on Pinterest.   Here is the link to the original from A Content Housewife.  I love it and can't wait to put it to use for Andy... I don't tell him enough how much I love him!

If anyone reading this is interested in a copy of the one that I made, shoot me an email.  I can change the colors, the background, all of it.  I made this one gray and yellow, because it matches our bedroom.  I am going to use wet erase markers (overhead markers for you teacher folks), but you could use dry erase, it just won't show up as nicely.  I also would suggest that the frame you put it in have glass, because sometimes plastic will show the colors of markers.