Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chiropractor and Ear Infections

We decided to take Jackson to the chiropractor to try to help with his earinfections. He has been on two rounds of antibiotics since the first of the year and still has lots of fluid on his eardrums. So, we thought we would try the chiro. Jackson took it well and he adjusted well. We are going back on Monday to see if it has helped drain the fluid away from his ear drums. When Dr. Hahn looked in his ears they were red (the left one was worse), but there wasn't any "infection"... so hopefully, by catching it a little earlier we can beat the infection and not have to give any of those darn medicines to the baby! He REALLY hates getting meds. He is okay with Baby Tylenol, but hates everything else!


Jackson is now "Army Crawling" everywhere! I put him on the floor in our livingroom and he pushes the door closed to the basement and kicks it over and over again (we have a gate up that makes the door bounce back). Then he gets tired of that and heads for Spooky's tail. Lucky for Jackson, Spooky is an easy going cat and just lets him grab at her! When he gets bored with the kitty, he heads for the kitchen, while there he smacks the floor with his hands and enjoys how fast he can slide on the laminate floor. Soon he tires of the kitchen and heads for any cord he can find... usually the hoses to mommy's pump or Daddy's computer. We catch him and move him away and it's off to chase the kitty again!

His tooth is almost through, I can see the tip of the tooth... it can't get here soon enough!

Today, Andy headed to Postville (with his snowmobile) and then to Cedar Falls to put some appliances and ceiling fans into the rental property. Hopefully, that money-pit will pay off soon! Some kids from Postville are going to rent it this spring. Andy is getting ready for his annual snowmobile trip out West. He and a group of friends will be enoying the snow Wednesday-Sunday. I will miss him a lot, but I know how much he loves it, so I guess I can let him go. The worst part is taking Jackson to daycare in the morning, because I have to get up a lot earlier... but I have a hard time doing this!

We have had enough snow around here. It can stop anytime soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This week we began giving the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (aka ITBS). This high stakes tests gets us all in a tizzy! We want our kids to do well and we try our best to make it a good experience for all those involved. But it's hard! Kids are absent and leaving in the middle of the day. Ahh! No Child Left Behind can't expire soon enough!!! 100% of students proficient is not a possiblity... the scores are designed to fit a bell-curve, which means THERE IS NOT POSSIBLE WAY FOR EVERYONE TO BE PROFICIENT... by design a bell-curve has 50% below and 50% above.... sigh, when will the legislature make laws that are actually workable??? Instead they throw more money at things (printing more money, doesn't really mean there is more money, but that's a different subject altogether) and hope for the best... sigh, if I could just make people do what I say........

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jackson and the ER aka Jackson's First Valentine's Day

Well, our little man's first Valentine's Day was a hit! We had friends over and Jackson got to play with his buddy, Ethan. He is almost as big as him (Ethan is 14 months old). After our dinner of tacos we played some Catch Phrase and had great laughs!

We all went to bed....

Then...Jackson woke Sunday morning @ 2am screamming & breathing super hard. After 10 minutes & call 2 doctor (no answer for on call doctor) we decided to take him to the ER. We were worried he had something inhis throat. It came on so quick w/ a cough & hard raspy breathing....By the time we had reached the hospital his breathing was almost normal and the cough had subsided.

we had just reached the ER when the fun began! In the first 10 minutes the following things happened...
1. Someone was arrested in the parking lot (drunk driving, wife waspicked up by taxi)
2. Code blue- not sure....(turns out it was a fatal Heart Attack)
3. 4 people stabbed... 1 in the back, 1 in stomach, not sure about others (1 was probably going to die. This all happened at Los Bananas. Apparently, this fight was over a woman... one of the men was dancing with another man's woman... hmmm.
4. Plus the waiting room smelled like a bar.

Suffice it to say, it took awhile, 2 hours! All the doctors were helping idiots who stab one another! The nurse said... This is not normal...if it was new years... Happy valentine's day!

As it turns out, Jackson has croup. This is caused by a virus that restricts the airway and then there is this barking cough. He's on a steroid now and is doing better. He hates to take the steroid and it makes him a bit crabby and super hungry! Yesterday, he ate 40 ounces of milk! I couldn't keep up with him! I even defrosted a bottle!

To top it all off... he is cutting his first tooth (we can see it). So he is sooooo darn cranky! He doesn't want to held or put down. Doesn't want to eat, but is starving. Sigh.... yeah for the long weekend!

Monday, President's Day, Jackson and I took a day trip to Coralville. We met up with his Grandma Jo, Uncle Wally, Aunt Lindsey and Cousin Aubrey. We had a nice time visiting... even though Jackson was a bit crabby!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Babies, Babies, Babies

This spring 6 of my friends are due within 6 weeks of one another. Everyone was pretty busy this summer, gettin' busy!!! That being said...

One of my friends, Angela, just had her baby boy today. He was a little more than a month early, but he is looking healthy 6lbs 1oz... if he had stayed in there much longer he would have been a big baby!! So, I have been obsessive again with the computer today! Her husband posted Facebook updates since 4pm today and then finally pictures! I have an obsession with pregnancy, although I don't want to be pregnant again anytime soon!

Tonight Jackson and I spent time with some friends for dinner. He loves playing with his friend, Lily, she is 18 months old and they are friends... sometimes! She loves to look at him and Jackson goes after her all the time! It's pretty cute.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Blues

It's Sunday night and as always there is a lot to get done! I have clothes to fold, a house to pick up, and papers to grade. However, here I am on the computer wasting time. Not only am I blogging, but I have also been on Facebook... wow is that website addictive! AT times I can't seem to stop!!

Jackson is finally feeling better. He has just a couple of days of medicine to take. And then we should be in the clear. At least I hope the ear infection is finally gone! Our little munchkin has had a poopy diaper every time we have changed him for the last 4 days... his poor tushy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankfully Thursday

My smiling little man

These are Jackson's daycare friends. He is in the blue PJs. He is a happy, happy baby, except when little girls pull his hair (you can see it in the picture). He LOVES going to daycare and is always smiling and having fun!

Teaching is all I have ever wanted to do. I can't imagine having any other job or career. But it's so hard to teach and have a baby! All I do is think about Jackson. I rush out of school with piles of papers to grade, because I can't wait to set eyes on the little guy. I don't feel my teaching has suffered, because I feel like I have a lot more paitence with kids than I have ever had before. I guess I realize more now than ever that kids are kids, whether they are 6 months or 11 years old.

I live for the weekends. Tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait!

Jackson went to bed at 7pm... I really hope he wakes up in the next hour, because I don't want to be getting up with him at 4am when he is starving!! Back to watching my Thursday night shows.

Monday, February 2, 2009

2nd Round of Ear Infections

Sigh... Jackson is sick again! He has double ear infections again! He is such a trooper and it is really hard to tell when he is sick! He became fussy on Thursday night and by Friday he wasn't eating well. Took him to the Dr. on Saturday and there they were-- bright red ears! We have been dealing with diahrea for the last 2 days... I had to stay home today. Tomorrow, Andy and my mom are going to split the day. I will spend the whole day worrying about him and I am sure I will make a few phone calls, but I need to get to work!

Exciting stuff for me... I finally got all of my wedding rings sized and now I can wear them! Yeah! While pregnant last spring I started retaining a lot of water and they haven't fit since. So I took them in and now I can wear my beautiful rings again! YEAH!!

I should get some laundry folded and head off to bed. I can't be staying up late tonight, I have to work in the morning!!