Monday, February 2, 2009

2nd Round of Ear Infections

Sigh... Jackson is sick again! He has double ear infections again! He is such a trooper and it is really hard to tell when he is sick! He became fussy on Thursday night and by Friday he wasn't eating well. Took him to the Dr. on Saturday and there they were-- bright red ears! We have been dealing with diahrea for the last 2 days... I had to stay home today. Tomorrow, Andy and my mom are going to split the day. I will spend the whole day worrying about him and I am sure I will make a few phone calls, but I need to get to work!

Exciting stuff for me... I finally got all of my wedding rings sized and now I can wear them! Yeah! While pregnant last spring I started retaining a lot of water and they haven't fit since. So I took them in and now I can wear my beautiful rings again! YEAH!!

I should get some laundry folded and head off to bed. I can't be staying up late tonight, I have to work in the morning!!

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  1. Hey! I totally forgot you had this blog. I forwarded it to my home computer because I had bookmarked it only at school. I enjoyed reading all your entries and look forward to reading more! Although, since I talk to you everyday I know most of the stuff you write already. It's still fun to read though!