Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

We celebrated with Andy's family for Mother's Day by going out to eat the Friday before.  Then we spent the day on Sunday together just the 4 of us.  It was kind of a bad start to the day, because we were almost to church and Jackson vomited all over himself in his carseat.  But we all took naps and eventually felt better!!

This was  the gift we gave Grandma Jo.  It's a frame from Michael's that I painted.  Then Jackson colored on the planters and we traced their hands.  Added a few flowers with their pictures.   Hot glued it all together and voila!  A cute and easy project. :)

Easter 2011

Yeah, I'm only a month behind, but better late than never, right??

 Cousins... never is EVERYONE looking or happy...

 My little Peeps

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Top 10 -- Paris

Andy and I took an awesome vacation April 25-May 2, 2011.  Andy earned the trip through his work at Farm Bureau.  We have been on trips before, but this one surpassed all that we had bee on before. It was SPECTACULAR to spend 9 days uninterrupted with my husband.  We haven't had more than a couple of hours alone in almost 3 years. 

 "Top 10" moments in Paris 
(we were there from April 26th-- after an overnight flight-- until April 29th)

1.  Staying at The Westin in the heart of Paris, walking distance from EVERYTHING.  Beautiful, but small rooms.
2.  Fabulous time with new friends at an Irish Pub, just blocks from our hotel (we went there 2 nights)
3.  20 minute phone call home- first night, only one, because I missed my kiddos.  Still missed them the other nights, just not enough for 99 cents or more a minute.
4.  Walking along the Seine River to see all kinds of sights including the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral.  A whole afternoon spent just the two of us exploring and walking.
5.  A bus led sightseeing tour- best way to get the history of the different sights in a morning.
6. Lunch at Le 58 Tour Eiffel - amazing to be on such a historic landmark. 
7.  A scenic river dinner cruise on the Seine.  Beautiful.
8.  Seeing the Eiffel Tower Glittering at night.
9.  Tasting authentic French Cuisine- even though I could do without the pate.
10.  In bed for 12 hours... yeah, I know this wasn't part of Paris, but it was awesome to be able to do so!!!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Thanks, Mom for always being there for me (and my kiddos).  I am so lucky to have such a loving, caring, and giving Mommy.  I love you lots!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Missing Mommy & Daddy Gifts

Andy and I got an amazing opportunity to go visit Paris, France and Monte Carlo, Monaco for 9 days.  Andy has a job that offers these opportunities.  The only downfall is that I had to leave my babies behind for 9 days.  Luckily, my mom and dad were up for the job!  

I thought it would be fun to leave the little guys some gifts from Mommy and Daddy to open while we were gone.  I got the  idea from the web somewhere... not sure right now, if it's you, let me know!!

 Day 1- Family Photobooks for each boy.  I used my Creative Memories program to create a book for each boy with all our immediate family.  I laminated the pages, hole punched each, and then use a ring to connect them.  I made it "pretty" by adding ribbon, too!
For Day 2- I made Maxwell a ribbon ring. It's a  canning jar ring with lots of colorful ribbon from my stash tied to it.  Jackson got an electronic game to play.
 Day 3- Maxwell gets some paci's to have and Jackson gets some "Color Wonder" paints (don't worry Grandma, they only work on the special paper).  Day 9 is also in this picture- Jackson got some Candy for Day 9.
Day 4- Maxwell got a binkie clip mad by Mommy find the tutorial here.  Jackson got a game that was already at my Mom and Dad's waiting for him.

Day 5- "Guess How Much I Miss You" story book read by Mommy and Daddy.
Day 6- Matching dinosaur T-shirts made using my Silhouette SD and the fuzzy heat transfer material.  They also get a copy of Dinosaur Train shows and a dinosaur book.
Day 7- May Day Basket for Jackson- there is a pair of gardening gloves in there to help grandma.
Day 8- Puppets that I found at Michael's awhile back.

I hope the boys loved all their little treats from  Mommy and Daddy, because we missed them so much!!

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