Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Baskets

Out there in "blogland" there are a ton of cute ideas for Easter.  I have wanted to make a few things for the boys' baskets.  So I just picked a couple of things.

They both got a hand sewn chocolate bunny.  I used felt and filled it with the plastic Easter Grass so it would crinkle for Maxwell.  I found it out there on a blog, I can't remember where (if it's you, please let me know so I can give you credit!).

I also made Maxwell some eggs and chicks.  I found it on this awesome blog Modern Parents, Messy Kids.  So cute and easy!

Then I made a Goldfish "carrot", I found this idea on The Moody Fashionista.

I made these sensory bottles for the boys and our nieces.  All it is, is a water bottle (I used the small pint sized bottles) with the label off.  Then I put some Easter confetti from Hobby Lobby, a little glitter, water, and a few drops of Glycerin (this is found in the baking aisle at craft stores by the food coloring- I looked for a long time to find this stuff).  The Glycerin helps keep the stuff moving in the water.

These were not in their Easter Baskets, but I also made "My Peeps" shirts for my boys and my friends' girls.  It was so fun!  I got the idea from Crap I've Made, but instead of making fabric appliques, I cut out the patterns on my silhouette and I used fabric paint.  I thought they turned out super cute! 

I also made these Easter decorations.  I meant to get out more, but really didn't want to make any more mess. I got more mess out, I wanted to put some more eggs on the mantel and just got more of the decorations out. :)  I made the little egg plants from plant sticks from Dollar Tree and  planters are from Pamida, the grass is from Hobby Lobby.   I made the banner from here.  I will change it to Happy Spring, so I can use it longer.  The crosses are from Hobby Lobby and I just used ribbon out of my stash.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Peeps Shirt

I love Freezer Paper Stencils... Here  and here is a great tutorial!  I made these super cute shirts for my boys and my friends' girls.  I got the boys' shirts at Hobby Lobby and the girls' shirts at Target.  I am finding it super hard to find plain shirts for little ones.  But have so much fun doing it!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mommy needs an Easter Basket

As I have been busy getting ready for a big trip, a smaller trip, Easter, and daily life I just had a thought...Mommy needs an Easter basket.  I made great Easter baskets for the boys.  I even added at least 2 things homemade in each of their baskets. It feel great.   But then there are all those little things that Mommy doesn't buy for herself (shocker), but would really enjoy getting as a little gift basket from the Easter Bunny.

This is a board I  made using Pintrest- awesome website for making visual bookmarks.  It's soooo cool!  I use it all the time to remember where I saw something and to link back to where I have gotten ideas.  Super cool.  If you are interested, let me know and I can send you an invite.  If you already have Pintrest, here is the link to my boards.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

31st Birthday

It was really not the most awesome birthday I have ever had.  Woke up still feeling sick, kids still sick, snowing outside, and canceled birthday plans.  However, my wonderful husband tried to make it special by sending me flowers and bringing home a cake.  He stayed home from bowling and took the boys downstairs so I could watch TV in peace for 15 minutes.

 What I woke up to this morning, crappy snow on my birthday, boo.

 This was pretty much my entire day... the boys were crabby (Maxwell was whining all day, Jackson was naughty).
 My wonderful husband tried to brighten the snowy day with some flowers (the cat is enjoying eating them).

Andy brought us home a birthday cake to eat, he and Jackson sang a wonderful rendition of "Happy Birthday".

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Picture Update

31 things during my year of being 31

Tomorrow is my birthday, my 31st birthday.  I don't usually get too worried about years, but it's odd to be 31.   Sometimes I still feel like a little girl just trying to figure out life.  Maybe I'll never  REALLY figure it all out and that's okay. ;)

I didn't do this list at 30 (at least I don't remember it), but I think this year I need some goals.  I will come back to my list through out the year and update it.

1.  Go on a trip with the hubby. accomplished April 25-May 3.
2.  Take the boys to a state we have never taken them.
3.  Go visit family in Denison, Iowa.  Done in June
4.  Go visit family in Wisconsin.  Done in July
5.  Send out cards to family and friends with birthdays- for the whole YEAR, starting in May January.
6.  Make 50% of Christmas gifts for the year.
7.  Make book sling for Maxwell's Room.
8.  Paint basement.
9.  Decorate "toy room" for the boys to play in.
10.  Get back to my pre-Maxwell (if not pre-Jackson) weight.
11.  Join a Bible Study
12.  Paint Master bed and bath.
13.  Re-paint powder room
14.  New fixtures in powder room
15.   Read 6 books (that's 1 every 2 months).
16. Plan a girls trip (and go) planned for Oct.
17. Investigate taking a couple of continuing education courses.
18.   Visit friends at Hayes Elementary.
19.  Sew shoes for Maxwell & Jackson.
20.  Make a Birthday cake for Maxwell & Jackson. Jackson's is done
21.   Investigate and possibly be part of a craft fair.
22.  Enjoy time outside with boys.
23.  Take time for myself.
24.   Tell my husband each day how much I love him and apperciate him.
25.  Wean Maxwell at 12 months.
26.  Purge and donate 730 items by December 31, 2011. (at 310 as of yesterday)
27.  Go to a movie with Andy.
28.  Take Jackson to a movie.
29. Wall of Ms
30.  sew curtains for camper

Well, today I could only come up with 28 things to do... I am sure I will come up with a few more before the end of year 31.
  I can't wait to get started!!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

33 months

Jackson is 33 months.  Wow, where have the almost 3 YEARS gone?  Oh, that little boy just steals my heart!

Patiently awaiting cake.

Jackson is just a bowl full of laughs.  I love all the little "isms" he has.

  • My favorite is,"I'm  Mad"-  he pouts and puts his arms over his chest and says it until you acknowledge him.
  • Everything is snowmobiles, tractors, combines, golf carts-- basically if it has wheels he loves it.
  • Tr words sound the CR words.  Tractor, sounds like Cractor, Truck, Cruck.  Adorable!!
  • He can take off his shoes and sometimes get them on.
  • He is going to daycare 1 day a week for the morning and he has stopped crying at daycare.  He still cries the whole way there saying over and over, "Mommy, I don't want to visit my fwiends (friends)".  But has a blast when he is there and comes out telling me all about his day.  He tells us over and over too , Mommy you came to pick me up.
  • He repeats himself a lot when he wants us to talk to him.
  • Rarely eats anything unless its... peanut butter and jelly, mac 'n cheese (any kind), hotdog, fruit (pretty much any kind), yogurt, pizza, fish sticks, spaghetti,  chicken nuggets (we trick him and call all chicken, chicken nuggets), and chips.  He loves milk and water and rarely drinks juice.  We can't get him to eat veggies... so we make a lot of stuff with veggies in the main ingredients.  He'll occasionally eat a taco.
  • Loves his little brother and calls him "Baby Maxwell".  He helps him get a bath, gives him a paci, and just loves to make him laugh.  He gives him kisses  and worries about him.  When I clip Maxwell's nails, he tells me "to stop hurting my baby".
  • he is hitting all the 34 month milestones- small motor, large motor, social, emotional.
  • he has had a couple of ear infections lately.  He keeps getting sinus infections too... poor kid.
  • He tells us when he is tired and stays in his bed.
  • Favorite shows:  Curious George, Caliou, Team Umi Zoomi, Clifford, Wild Kratz
  • Sings all the time: theme songs, Old Mac Donald, Bingo, 
  • Says the 3 Little Pigs story- laughs hysterically if I do the  pigs.
  • Takes my face and brings it to him for a kiss.
  • Starting potty training, he is a little interested.
  • Says, "I love you ___" Mommy, daddy, Maxwell, Spooky
He is just plain awesome.  Love this age and wish he would stay little forever.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 Months

Our little baby is almost half way to his first birthday :(  I can't believe how fast the last 5 months has flown by!

 Maxwell always has fly away hair... I think it's cute!  It's also turning red!
 Little man is trying hard to sit up!

 What Maxwell is up to these days...

  • He loves his big brother.  If Jackson is in the room you can bet Maxwell is looking at him.  Jackson is good to him and gives him hugs.  He also makes Maxwell laugh and laugh and laugh.  They are going to be great friends.
  • Sleeps through the night.  Last week (Monday) he started going down before 9pm and waking at 7-8am.  He had a rough day/night Monday, because he didn't nap well during the day, but otherwise it's great.
  • Hair is wild!  Really thick on top and turning red in the sun.
  • Loves to eat his feet, both at the same time.
  • Finally takes a bottle!  It has to be quiet and the milk has to be 97 degrees.
  • He loves his bouncers and jumperoos.  He can stay in them for about 45 minutes before fussing.
  • Likes to look at himself in the mirror.
  • Likes rice cereal with breast milk. (He's had it 3 times now and he likes it).
  • He has recovered from his surgery well and is back to normal.
  • He is getting some teeth- not sure when they will appear.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Featured project

Kind of exciting and fun...

A craft blog Little Helping Hands, featured the Valentine's Day shirts that Polly inspired (okay I TOTALLY copied) me to make.  She also inspired my love of making freezer paper stencils.  Check out her site for lots of fun crafty things to do with and for  you kiddos.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heavy Heart

Today I heard some sad news about a friend.  It was super hard to hear, because I know she left behind two sweet little girls.  Through Stoller Strides I have been able to watch those little girls grow up over the last few years. I worked with Erika and always had fun laughing and talking with her.  She was a lover of Bud Light Lime and relished this time of year, when EVERYONE carried it.   We both had a love of shopping (Coach  purses, of course) and a sweet tooth.  She was someone you could confide in and was always willing to listen.

I wish I could understand why she had to leave this world.  But because I can't I have to think about how precious life is and how much I love my family and friends.  I can't imagine leaving any of you by choice.  Life is short and we must cherish each and every moment.

Our First Mom's Night Out-I could always count on Erika to have a drink (or 2) with me. :)

 This one was the beginning of one of the most fun nights out I have had sine I became a mommy.  Erika was a great dancer and kept us all on the dance floor.