Friday, April 15, 2011

33 months

Jackson is 33 months.  Wow, where have the almost 3 YEARS gone?  Oh, that little boy just steals my heart!

Patiently awaiting cake.

Jackson is just a bowl full of laughs.  I love all the little "isms" he has.

  • My favorite is,"I'm  Mad"-  he pouts and puts his arms over his chest and says it until you acknowledge him.
  • Everything is snowmobiles, tractors, combines, golf carts-- basically if it has wheels he loves it.
  • Tr words sound the CR words.  Tractor, sounds like Cractor, Truck, Cruck.  Adorable!!
  • He can take off his shoes and sometimes get them on.
  • He is going to daycare 1 day a week for the morning and he has stopped crying at daycare.  He still cries the whole way there saying over and over, "Mommy, I don't want to visit my fwiends (friends)".  But has a blast when he is there and comes out telling me all about his day.  He tells us over and over too , Mommy you came to pick me up.
  • He repeats himself a lot when he wants us to talk to him.
  • Rarely eats anything unless its... peanut butter and jelly, mac 'n cheese (any kind), hotdog, fruit (pretty much any kind), yogurt, pizza, fish sticks, spaghetti,  chicken nuggets (we trick him and call all chicken, chicken nuggets), and chips.  He loves milk and water and rarely drinks juice.  We can't get him to eat veggies... so we make a lot of stuff with veggies in the main ingredients.  He'll occasionally eat a taco.
  • Loves his little brother and calls him "Baby Maxwell".  He helps him get a bath, gives him a paci, and just loves to make him laugh.  He gives him kisses  and worries about him.  When I clip Maxwell's nails, he tells me "to stop hurting my baby".
  • he is hitting all the 34 month milestones- small motor, large motor, social, emotional.
  • he has had a couple of ear infections lately.  He keeps getting sinus infections too... poor kid.
  • He tells us when he is tired and stays in his bed.
  • Favorite shows:  Curious George, Caliou, Team Umi Zoomi, Clifford, Wild Kratz
  • Sings all the time: theme songs, Old Mac Donald, Bingo, 
  • Says the 3 Little Pigs story- laughs hysterically if I do the  pigs.
  • Takes my face and brings it to him for a kiss.
  • Starting potty training, he is a little interested.
  • Says, "I love you ___" Mommy, daddy, Maxwell, Spooky
He is just plain awesome.  Love this age and wish he would stay little forever.

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