Tuesday, April 19, 2011

31 things during my year of being 31

Tomorrow is my birthday, my 31st birthday.  I don't usually get too worried about years, but it's odd to be 31.   Sometimes I still feel like a little girl just trying to figure out life.  Maybe I'll never  REALLY figure it all out and that's okay. ;)

I didn't do this list at 30 (at least I don't remember it), but I think this year I need some goals.  I will come back to my list through out the year and update it.

1.  Go on a trip with the hubby. accomplished April 25-May 3.
2.  Take the boys to a state we have never taken them.
3.  Go visit family in Denison, Iowa.  Done in June
4.  Go visit family in Wisconsin.  Done in July
5.  Send out cards to family and friends with birthdays- for the whole YEAR, starting in May January.
6.  Make 50% of Christmas gifts for the year.
7.  Make book sling for Maxwell's Room.
8.  Paint basement.
9.  Decorate "toy room" for the boys to play in.
10.  Get back to my pre-Maxwell (if not pre-Jackson) weight.
11.  Join a Bible Study
12.  Paint Master bed and bath.
13.  Re-paint powder room
14.  New fixtures in powder room
15.   Read 6 books (that's 1 every 2 months).
16. Plan a girls trip (and go) planned for Oct.
17. Investigate taking a couple of continuing education courses.
18.   Visit friends at Hayes Elementary.
19.  Sew shoes for Maxwell & Jackson.
20.  Make a Birthday cake for Maxwell & Jackson. Jackson's is done
21.   Investigate and possibly be part of a craft fair.
22.  Enjoy time outside with boys.
23.  Take time for myself.
24.   Tell my husband each day how much I love him and apperciate him.
25.  Wean Maxwell at 12 months.
26.  Purge and donate 730 items by December 31, 2011. (at 310 as of yesterday)
27.  Go to a movie with Andy.
28.  Take Jackson to a movie.
29. Wall of Ms
30.  sew curtains for camper

Well, today I could only come up with 28 things to do... I am sure I will come up with a few more before the end of year 31.
  I can't wait to get started!!

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  1. Sounds like a great list! I know that I always intend to read more books than I actually do, so I would love to set a realistic goal like one every two months. Thanks for linking up!