Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have 12 weeks until this baby is due to arrive... 11 weeks until my c-section will be scheduled... I know that pregnancy is suppose to get you ready for having a newborn, but this is ridiculous! I can't sleep, an hour, maybe 2 if I am lucky. Doesn't little boy #2 know that his brother slept through the night at 2 weeks??? I'm not planning on being up this much with #2!!

Sleep, please come soon!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sometimes, naptime is a horrendous, terrible, screaming mess. Other times it is easy and Jman just says, nigh, night Mommy. And he's out.

Today, was not one of those easy to bed days. Daddy was home longer than normal at lunchtime, so Jackson got to eat and play with Daddy... that makes for a wound up little boy! He did not want to go down. I had to finally just throw him into the crib and he laid down and was out.

What I find funny is how he goes down mad as bee... but wakes up and plays in his crib, talking, reading, playing with "wiggle" (Wrigley his puppy from Build a Bear. He named it after my parents' neighbors' dog.). A nap was all the little boy needed. :)

I still don't have my cupcakes frosted... I was going to make homemade chocolate frosting, but I think it might be a day for canned frosting. I'm not Suzy homemaker yet... I'm too interested in unpacking and organizing and decorating my house. Maybe another day!!


As I type Jackson is on the other side of the room getting out all of the stuff to change his "stink". He just said, "Stink". Then went for the diaper cady, took out the changing pad and laid it down! All without any prompting... I guess changing a stinky diaper is in my future!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 3 in Waukon

I will soon have to stop the week by week count up, because this is where we call home now, but it's easier to keep track for now!

We have started the week off well. Jackson is starting to get into a routine... bedtime at 9pm, awake about 8:15. I am loving this schedule!! Although, we now have to use an alarm so that Andy can get to work on time. ;) But I can live with that! Now, if I could only sleep more than 30 minute to 1 hour stretches! I do not remember having this much trouble sleeping this early with Jackson!

Today, Jackson and I ran a few errands. Of course one of the stores I wanted to go to was closed. But I got to Fareway and the hardware store. One good thing about not having HyVees and Target close is that our selections are limited and I can keep my grocery bill lower... less temptations!! :)

While Jackson was napping (and before my nap), I taped the trim/windows/doors in the baby's room. Then after naptime I taped in Jackson's room. Andy and his dad are going to start painting tomorrow. We have to prime 1 big wall in each of the boys' rooms because of the dark color. I am excited to have some before and after pictures of that!! I also painted a sample of the paint I want to paint the powder room. I can't decide if I like the color or if I just like ANYTHING better than what was there. ;)

**Jackson just fell off the couch. He bumped his bottom against the coffee table. He said, "Mommy kiss it". Then he went to his diapers and pulled a new one out, because the diaper hurt. The new diaper made it all better!!

We are headed to Bettendorf of Wednesday. We have lots of fun things planned... including a RhoGam shot for me, dinner with friends for Jenny, shopping, Stroller Strides (a couple of times), and a birthday party! Can't wait to see my family and friends!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jman Moments

As of 2 weeks ago, Jackson would not count past 2. He would repeat: "1, 2, 1, 2". Last Wednesday he counted "1,2,3" while we were at a furniture store, but did not repeat it again. Wednesday, he started counting to 10! He does it a lot when we are going up and down the stairs and sometimes will even make it to 14. He is getting so smart!! He doesn't skip numbers that I have noticed, but sometimes will say 7 or 8 two times in a row.

Today, he FINALLY started singing his ABC's. He says L,M,N,O,P really fast, it's so cute! He also sang Twinkle, Twinkle and Row, Row, Row Your boat. In the past he has just refused to do so, I was wondering when he would get into singing songs, since he LOVES to dance to them! We are very proud!

Trucks, Tractors, and Bowling are all his favorites. We live very close to the bowling alley in town. Andy took him there on Tuesday night while I was at Wal-Mart. So now when we pass the bowling alley, he repeats bowling alley for about 20 minutes! Tonight, Andy had to run in the alley to drop something off and Jackson cried for 30 minutes about going into the bowling alley. Nothing would get him off of it, not even ice cream! We have a field in the front yard and they have been harvesting the alfafa for the last couple of days, that is exciting, because Jman got to watch the tractors. Down the street is a cement plant- so we have dump trucks and cement mixers up and down the street, he also loves that!! Not to mention that we live on the golf course, so he sees the golf carts driving around!! Very busy!

Today, we were outside singing our songs, mowing the lawn, and playing with the rocks in the yard (in the flower beds and fire-pit) and Jackson looked up at the sky and started putting his toys away. He kept saying it was going to rain! It didn't for another 2 hours, but he was convinced and had to go into the house! Very cute!!

I think that's all for now. I found my adapter, so I need to take some more pictures over the weekend and get them up!

Much love,
The Moores


So... We had an estimate for the rooms in the house to be painted- just bedrooms, bathrooms, basement ceiling, and living room. Though the bid was very reasonable and the ladies would be fun to work with, Andy has talked me out of having them do any of the painting right now. We are definately hiring them for the basement ceiling (if I have any say, the basement walls, too). So now it's going to be done by my fabulous husband... he is going to try to get Jackson's room and baby #2's room done while the Jman and I are out of town next week. I think I will do a little taping next week to help him along!

I am going to attempt to do the painting in the boys' bathroom. There are no windows and just 1 doorway, I am hoping I can accomplish it the week after next. I have to make a trip to Lowe's to get the paint. So, my next trip the QCA will not be a cheap one, either! But, since we are saving money on the painters, we can get the new mirrors and lights for the bathrooms that I wanted. :)

I really need to tackle some boxes now... the gloomy day is not overly motivating!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Menards Online Sucks

I just tried to place 1 order on However, somehow without me choosing to CONFIRM the order, it placed the same order 2 times! Now, on normal shopping websites, you can immediately delete/cancel an order when something like this happens... or they offer you a PHONE NUMBER to call to assist you... NOT on Menards! You have to send an EMAIL. I guess I will have to call a store and get them to give me a phone number to someone in the online department, because I AM NOT paying for the same order twice. GRRRR!!!!

Not only am I tired of spending money on a our new house and wishing that all our boxes would just disappear and all of our thing would magically be organized into the proper place, but now I have to deal with dumb stuff like call Menards to figure out the issue!

Time for bed, my ranting is done. I do love my new house and adore being with my whole family (cat included), I just have this nesting issue going on, on top of all my instant gratificatin needs. ;)

The Moores

Pictures of our House in Waukon

I tried making this a link, but my brain is done working for the day...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Week 2 in Waukon

We survived week 1 and are on to week 2! I have yet to find all of my computer stuff, so I still can't upload pictures, but I hope to get the energy/time to get it done this week!

We have had an exciting week so far. We brought our Spooky cat home! It is great to have her around and I think she likes having us here so far. She is currently looking out the window at all the stuff in the backyard. She slept with us last night, instead of hiding under the bed. Today she cuddled with me while I rested and she even hangs out with Jackson a bit. He is still not quite use to her being here, but I'm sure their friendship will pick up where it left off very soon!

Jackson is still having a hard time adjusting. He is fine while we are in the house and outside playing, but if you move too many things while he is watching or if anyone "strange" comes into the house, he gets really clingy and whiney. He is also watching WAY too much TV for my liking, but since I need time to get stuff done right now, so we can live here, it will just have to do! We need to get a routine of things we do, but everything has been so off with the move and trying to make our house liveable, it's just not possible.

We were in the Quad Cities over the weekend. That was fun. My mom and I went out and picked up a bunch of stuff that we needed and that is hard to find around here. It's expensive to move! We have to replace all of the faucets in the bathrooms, because they don't have drains. This is not acceptable for me! I have a 2 year old- we can't risk him figuring out you can drop things down there!!! I figure since we are going to have the bathrooms painted, we will replace the boring mirrors and light fixtures, too. It will really give all of the bathrooms a new look without spending a ton of money.

We are having fans installed in the bedrooms upstairs and having some painting done. I wish we could just do all the painting at once, but I think we will have to settle for just a few rooms at a time... the kids' rooms & bathroom are first and then the main floor powder room. They are all way too dark! next priority for me is our room and bathroom... I need something other than gray!!

I tried to go to Walmart today... however, we had unexpected visitors... the electrician came to see about the lights we need done and Andy's cousin Amy and her son Ryder stopped by. I was all packed and everything to go! Now, I am waiting for Andy to get home so I can make my trip. I just want to get it all done today, so I can go to the hardware store tomorrow to find the other stuff I need. If I can get to Decorah tonight I can stick closer to home tomorrow and finish up.

It's made difficult, because we eat lunch at 12 (andy comes home, which we love) and then Jackson goes down for his nap... he's been taking 3 1/2 hour naps! So he went down around 1 and didn't get up until 4:30. We can't go to Walmart, cause it will be supper time and I just don't feel like taking a hungry little boy to walmart!

More another day...hopefully with pictures!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We have moved into our new home in Waukon. I love all the GREAT space and all the plans that I have to look forward to comepleting! The house has some great aspects, but needs a good paint job. I am a warm color person... so I need walls that aren't so gray. :) Even the boys' rooms have gray walls!!

The move started last week when Andy worked everyday after work to move things from our storage units into the garage of the house. Unfortunately, most of our furniture had mold on it from being in the storage units in the heat and humidity. This was a HUGE set back for moving in. Although, our furniture has never looked so good!!! :) Saturday was spent with our parents cleaning all the furniture and moving things as we could. My mom got all the kitchen organized and cleaned. I have a few things I need to move around... but not too much! She is great at organizing! Andy's mom watched Jman at their house so we could get stuff done.

Sunday, more scrubbing and organizing. I got a lot of closets cleaned out and little things organized. We also have been doing laundry Non-stop. There was a lot of stinky linens! But now I am able to put some of those linens away and get it more organized. after my parents left on Sunday, Jo and I set up the living room furniture and got all our clothes in the right places!

Monday, I spent the entire day emptying boxes and putting family room and kitchen things away. We have made the Family room/eat-in kitchen/kitchen liveable. I am going to keep this area liveable so that we can have a place that doesn't feel chaotic! I have most of the linen closet upstairs put away, too. It's weird having so much space I keep moving things around to make them fit!

Today, was a big day... we went to Walmart. We left the house at 8am, dropped my car off to be fixed in Postville, back to Waukon, then to Decorah. It was fine until we had been at Walmart for awhile and Jackson climbed out of the strap in the cart, so he walked for awhile... then he cried for most of the rest of the trip and fell asleep in the car... it was exhausting!!! But I got what we needed at Walmart!!

I will upload some pictures tonight.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Waukon, here we come!!

We are headed to Waukon, FINALLY!!! We are moving on Saturday and hopefully will have our stuff at least at the house by the end of the day!!! I can't wait to have my family together again!!!