Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sometimes, naptime is a horrendous, terrible, screaming mess. Other times it is easy and Jman just says, nigh, night Mommy. And he's out.

Today, was not one of those easy to bed days. Daddy was home longer than normal at lunchtime, so Jackson got to eat and play with Daddy... that makes for a wound up little boy! He did not want to go down. I had to finally just throw him into the crib and he laid down and was out.

What I find funny is how he goes down mad as bee... but wakes up and plays in his crib, talking, reading, playing with "wiggle" (Wrigley his puppy from Build a Bear. He named it after my parents' neighbors' dog.). A nap was all the little boy needed. :)

I still don't have my cupcakes frosted... I was going to make homemade chocolate frosting, but I think it might be a day for canned frosting. I'm not Suzy homemaker yet... I'm too interested in unpacking and organizing and decorating my house. Maybe another day!!

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