Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We have moved into our new home in Waukon. I love all the GREAT space and all the plans that I have to look forward to comepleting! The house has some great aspects, but needs a good paint job. I am a warm color person... so I need walls that aren't so gray. :) Even the boys' rooms have gray walls!!

The move started last week when Andy worked everyday after work to move things from our storage units into the garage of the house. Unfortunately, most of our furniture had mold on it from being in the storage units in the heat and humidity. This was a HUGE set back for moving in. Although, our furniture has never looked so good!!! :) Saturday was spent with our parents cleaning all the furniture and moving things as we could. My mom got all the kitchen organized and cleaned. I have a few things I need to move around... but not too much! She is great at organizing! Andy's mom watched Jman at their house so we could get stuff done.

Sunday, more scrubbing and organizing. I got a lot of closets cleaned out and little things organized. We also have been doing laundry Non-stop. There was a lot of stinky linens! But now I am able to put some of those linens away and get it more organized. after my parents left on Sunday, Jo and I set up the living room furniture and got all our clothes in the right places!

Monday, I spent the entire day emptying boxes and putting family room and kitchen things away. We have made the Family room/eat-in kitchen/kitchen liveable. I am going to keep this area liveable so that we can have a place that doesn't feel chaotic! I have most of the linen closet upstairs put away, too. It's weird having so much space I keep moving things around to make them fit!

Today, was a big day... we went to Walmart. We left the house at 8am, dropped my car off to be fixed in Postville, back to Waukon, then to Decorah. It was fine until we had been at Walmart for awhile and Jackson climbed out of the strap in the cart, so he walked for awhile... then he cried for most of the rest of the trip and fell asleep in the car... it was exhausting!!! But I got what we needed at Walmart!!

I will upload some pictures tonight.

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