Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 3 in Waukon

I will soon have to stop the week by week count up, because this is where we call home now, but it's easier to keep track for now!

We have started the week off well. Jackson is starting to get into a routine... bedtime at 9pm, awake about 8:15. I am loving this schedule!! Although, we now have to use an alarm so that Andy can get to work on time. ;) But I can live with that! Now, if I could only sleep more than 30 minute to 1 hour stretches! I do not remember having this much trouble sleeping this early with Jackson!

Today, Jackson and I ran a few errands. Of course one of the stores I wanted to go to was closed. But I got to Fareway and the hardware store. One good thing about not having HyVees and Target close is that our selections are limited and I can keep my grocery bill lower... less temptations!! :)

While Jackson was napping (and before my nap), I taped the trim/windows/doors in the baby's room. Then after naptime I taped in Jackson's room. Andy and his dad are going to start painting tomorrow. We have to prime 1 big wall in each of the boys' rooms because of the dark color. I am excited to have some before and after pictures of that!! I also painted a sample of the paint I want to paint the powder room. I can't decide if I like the color or if I just like ANYTHING better than what was there. ;)

**Jackson just fell off the couch. He bumped his bottom against the coffee table. He said, "Mommy kiss it". Then he went to his diapers and pulled a new one out, because the diaper hurt. The new diaper made it all better!!

We are headed to Bettendorf of Wednesday. We have lots of fun things planned... including a RhoGam shot for me, dinner with friends for Jenny, shopping, Stroller Strides (a couple of times), and a birthday party! Can't wait to see my family and friends!

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