Thursday, April 30, 2009

1:15 AM

It's 1:15 AM and I am up. This is not a positive thing. I am NOT a morning person when I do get a good night's rest... I'm crabby when I get woken up a million times in the night and have to take care of a sick baby all by myself. Feel sorry for me, because my husband is in Las Vegas having a good ole time with his friends for 4 days... I on the other hand am taking care of a sick baby. Jackson spiked a 103.9 fever yesterday afternoon. After IB pro. it went down to 99.7 for the rest of the evening. It stinks to be home alone with him and know that he will just keep waking up all night....

I decided at 1:10 this morning that I would still take him to his scheduled Doc appointment at 12:15pm. He is scheduled to have tubes put in on Monday and I am worried that if he has an infection or this fever they won't do it! So maybe if it's his ears we can get that taken care of and the tubes can still go in as planned.

I am going to bed... sleep? We'll see.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally Spring

Today was a WONDERFUL day! Although it rained in the middle of the day, we had a great day together as a family.

This morning we went to 8am church. We got to hear Alissa sing and of course she was awesome! We then dropped off Andy's bowling balls for his trip this week. Drove around a bit in Riverdale to look at houses... it was fun! Andy went to bowl a couple of games while Jackson napped. After that... we took a walk to Grandma and Grandpa Lauritsen's house. It was fun for us and it was beautiful outside! Finally, Uncle Michael and Aunt Jenny came over to have dinner with us.

Jackson had a fun time playing with them. When Michael is around, Jackson just lights up! But he is now a very tired little munchkin man.

It has helped my mood so much to have a little sunshine! I hope it can hold out! :) Tomorrow, I take Jackson to his ENT appointment. I am hoping to get some answers and a possible cure for the ear infections.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old McDonald

Jackson has a favorite song and he sings along to it!! He loves it when we sing Old McDonald Had a Farm! He "sings" along at the Ei-ei-o part of the song. It's darn adorable!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

29 Things to do while 29

I started this when I was 28... I did a pretty good job on the list, though I need to be more specific...

1. Have inside of house painted (starting April 27)

2. New floor in kitchen

3. New floor in living room

4. hang up pictures after having house painted

5. Organize basement closet and get rid of a LOT of stuff!

6. Finish Jackson's first year scrapbook by his first birthday

7. Make Jackson's first birthday invites

8. Hang up Andy's hunting wallpaper

9. Get bids on siding

10. Take 3 hours of continuing education credit

11. Get new siding

12. Scrapbooks caught up

13. pictures into albums

14. Read 3 books on my want to read list: Riding the Bus with my sister, and 2 others

15. Research parental involvement in schools and how to make it affect student performance

16. Take Spooky to the vet for 1 year visit

17. Plant planters for the front yard

18. Go on a vacation with Andy- no baby, no wedding, just for fun!

19. Take Jackson to a state he hasn't been to yet (he's been to Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, Iowa)

20. Get to pre-pregnancy weight (thanks to stroller strides, I think I can do this)

21. Wean off of nursing, this will be a little tougher than it sounds....

22. Visit Des Moines and all my friends there (and all the new little babies, too)

23. Scrapbook the rest of pregancy book

24. Go on a bike ride with family

25. Write a letter to my son for his first birthday (and get Andy to do one)

26. Make up something creative to do for Jackson's first birthday memrobillia..

27. Continue to make Andy's lunches 4/5 days a week

28. Plant/maintain backyard gardens

29. Do something for myself WITHOUT Jackson

Turning 29...

Today I officially have entered the last year of my 20s. Year 28 of my life had been the best year yet, I can't wait to see what the next year will offer! Last night we celebrated by having a few friends and my family over for dinner. It was nice and relaxing (especially when everyone was home by 9). I spent today finishing "Breaking Dawn", the 4th book in the Twilight saga. I really hope there are no vampires... Now I am waiting for the baby to wake up so we can head to my mom and dad's for dinner. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

More Vampires

I am starting the 4th and final Twilight series book... sigh, I haven't read this much in ages! I remember now how much I adore reading! I will have to make a point to read more, because I love getting into a good book and not being able to put it down. It gives me an rush and I love it!

Jackson is napping, so maybe I'll open up "Breaking Dawn" and read a chapter or two....

Jackson and cousin Aubrey

We survived another "first" holiday with our little guy. He had a great time over the weekend with his grandma and grandpa and playing with his cousin, Aubrey. We also had a great time hanging with some old friends! We had a grill out and went out a bit with some of Andy's high school friends. We all brought our kids and had fun watching them play! All these little boys are going to be TROUBLE one day!!

Ashton (Joel and Tara Monroe) Aidon and Gavin (Travis and Sarah Feickert) and Jackson (Andy and Emily Moore)

Friday, April 3, 2009


I have begun reading the Twilight series. It's addicting!! I finished Twilight last night. I was actually a little freaked out towards the end and it being pitch-black outside and all I wondered about the REAL existence of Vampires and such... I DON'T believe in monsters, but it is a very convincing book! I hope that my mom has finished with the 2nd book in the series so I can begin it this weekend! I have stayed up a little too late, but it's worth it to finally read a GOOD book. :)

It's all downhill from here...

The first week back at school after spring break was really good! My students were AWESOME! Maybe it's that I was well rested and had been with Jackson a lot or maybe it was just they have finally figured out we have stuff to do and if we get it all done... they get to do more fun stuff!!!

I have a few more papers to grade then I can head home for the weekend. It's fourth quarter now and "it's all downhill from here"!