Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stroller Strides

I haven't written enough about my love for Stroller Strides. Have I ever talked to you in person? If I have, then you have heard about Stroller Strides from me... but I will tell you about it again! Stroller Strides is an exercise class for moms and their babies. We have an excellent instructor (SARAH) and we and our kids have a ball and you can get fit as you talk to your friends! I have made amazing friends that are at the same "Point" as I am in my life and it is just great to connect!


2 Weeks ago Jackson got his first shiner... he was loving up the new girl at daycare and his hug pushed her over, which led to him bumping his right eye on the corner of the table. It is still healing!
Okay, so i looked back on posts and it was actually his second shiner!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Our internet wasn't working very well last week... so this post is actually from LAST weekend... but here are some pics anyway!

Jackson is not very fond of sledding... he kind of cries and screams when you put him in his overalls. Gets giddy to be putting on his boots, but doesn't like walking in the coveralls in the house... gets outside, falls pushing the shovel. We finally get him on the sled and he cries some more.... and this was the 2nd experience!!

Andy took Jman sledding on Saturday while I was shopping with my mom. He drug him around the yard and Jackson whined... then they went sledding down a hill and Jman FREAKED out!

It was only the first time... it was way too cold previously!! (For me, not Jackson). He loved watching Andy throw snowballs at the tree. He even ejoyed holding his own snowball... but he was much happier on the cement or in the garage. He is my child after all. I don't like playing outside much.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Jackson is growing up so fast! It's amazing how much he understands, even though he is not able to verbalize it! This morning I was leaving for work and we close the gate upstairs so he doesn't get loose while Andy is getting ready. He was in our room watching Curios George on the bed. Just happy as can be. He heard the gate close and started crying! He knew what the noise meant! It didn't help that he knew I was the one walking around. He is such a MOMMA's boy! I love it! He has started asking for Andy more, saying DaDa. Last night, Andy wasn't in the house when Jman was going to bed, so we had to go out to the garage for him to stop saying, "Da Da, Da Da". Of course when we came in he started wanting to see the "kk cat". Very cute!

Now that the new year is here I am anxious for our move. Both positive and negative. I can't wait to be able to stay home and spend time with Jman. That will be the BEST part of life! He is doing so many things and I love to see him with other kids interacting. It will be GREAT to be able to do that everyday!

School bell is going to ring... back to work I go!