Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crafting Room

If you have talked to me since we moved into (started buying) our new house I have been talking about my CRAFT ROOM.  Well, it's finally photograph worthy!!  I did have to take a couple of boxes of random stuff out of there to get good pics, but I think it is pretty awesome!!

I can't find a picture of the before ... my mother-in-law took the picture so I don't have it digitally.  I will get one scanned and do another post.  But let's just say it had a HUGE mural on the wall in permanent marker.  Yes, you heard me permanent marker.   BLACK permanent marker does not get covered up easily.  There was this HUGE Indian smoking a pipe in the middle (for the Waukon Indians I am sure).  Anyhoo... after about 6 layers of paint there are only 2 spots that you can still see the black marks.  My husband and his Dad did ALL the work and they are awesome!!

While the kids and I were shopping with my Mother-in-law, the men painted my lovely craft room lavender.  It's pretty.  My hubby and I put up the boarder with lots of help from our 2 1/2 year old, it's a sticker boarder from Pottery Barn Teen.  I can do a post about where all the specifics came from if anyone is interested.  Most of my ideas came from random places in blogland... An awesome place to get ideas!!

The view from the door

Closet- for storing extra supplies and the giftwrap station.  The gift wrap station started because of this post on Delightful Order.  It reminded me of this article I had gotten in a Lowe's magazine a couple of years ago and had even torn out- I still haven't found it, but I know I put it somewhere safe!  So eventually, my gift wrap station will look like the Lowe's one (or close to it).  Right now I am still trying to figure out how to organize the closet without buying gobs and gobs of new organizers. :)

These are the shelves where I am storing some of my scrapbook stuff and the "machines" I have.  

Behind my work table (kitchen table from when my parents got married and use to be  our kitchen table, too)  is a bookshelf with various embellishments, fabric, hardware.

Next is my sewing corner.  This will definately need a revamp to get my fabric all corralled (or maybe I should just make some of the projects I have bought all this fabric for).

The cube shelves hold all of my scrapbooking paper, paints, stamps, styrofoam, and misc "stuff" needed for crafting.  I want to declutter the top of this shelf...  just gotta figureout what needs to  go... and/or paint a new shelf for in there.

Then it's on to the BIG box-o-crap I still haven't gone through and the unplugged entertainment. :)  
One Last look at my beautifully clean room. :)

I love my new space!!  I can't wait to get more crafting done.  I love crafts.  Good thing I get to go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow... I'm sure there is SOMETHING else I need.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my fake party :)
    Oh my goodness. That room is every crafters dream. Look at all your paraphernalia! I just wouldn't know where to begin . . . but I am sure I could make something ugly out of that. Minimal craft skillz here for sure.

  2. Can I come over and lock myself in your craft room??!! It looks great!

  3. Wow! That looks great. I want to come over and craft with you :)

    Good job!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella