Monday, March 7, 2011

New Camera

I don't know if you have noticed, but I have been lacking in putting up pictures of my little snuggle bugs... well there are two reasons and they are both broken.  I have two cameras a point and shoot that I keep in my purse and a Digital SLR.  The point and shoot has a broken battery/card door cover... makes it hard to get the cute one-handed picture because I have to hold the door closed.  The DSLR has a bent pin where the card goes in... so I had to hem and ha about getting a new camera.  I found what I wanted, but I found it SUPER difficult to hit the "buy" buton, because it's so expensive!  But I didn't want to get another point and shoot and be disappointed with it and end up buying the SLR anyway...

Here's what I ordered...from here.  I hemmed and hawed about ordering it online or getting it from a store.  I went with online, because it was significantly less expensive and I could get it within days... SHOCKER, I know that there isn't a place within 50 miles that sold what I wanted.  Plus, no shipping, no tax, saves money. ;)  I stuck with Canon, even though I have heard great things about other brands, because I didn't have to buy any lenses... good deal.

I also decided to pick up a bounce flash... it's a cheapy... seriously cheapy, but I thought I should try it out and see if I will remember to use it. We'll see.  Here's the one I got... I got it here.

Another thing I splurged on was this book about using manual settings on a DSLR camera. "Say No! to auto" by Kristen Duke.  It's cool and an e-book that you can print at a local lab, because you print it in 4x6 prints! I found it on a blog.  Here is the link.

So, look forward to some great pictures from Maxwell's Baptism this Sunday.  I can't wait for the weekend (although I should get off my butt and get some cleaning done), because so many of my favorite people are going to be here!!  My BFF is coming to visit and bringing a play partner for the Jman.  My parents and brother and Sister-in-law, my aunt and uncle from Wisconsin, and of course all of Andy's local realatives and two brothers!  I can't wait!  I love parties!

Here's a couple of pictures I took with my broken camera lately... my two favorite subjects.

We forgot to brush his hair after his bath, it's cute, my kids always have crazy hair. ;)

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