Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top 10 Vacation Moments

Our Second Annual Lauritsen Family Vacation to the Wisconsin Dells.  It was filled with fun, illness, and water parks!
Top 10 Vacation Moments
10. Bargains at the outlet mall (including 30% my ENTIRE purchase at Gap Outlet and Banana Republic)
9.  Playing in the wave pool
8.  Jackson asking o go swimming even though he felt yucky.
7.  Yummy food
6.  Relaxing with the family
5.  Andy having a couple of beers each day with us
4.  Jackson saying, "Bye-Bye Big Bucket.  Bye-Bye Big Water" as we left
3. Watching Jackson play in the water (squatting and walking around, splashing occasionally)
2.  Seeing both my boys in their cute swimsuits
1.  EVERYONE was finally healthy on Saturday to go hang out in the pool!!!

Not so Top 10 Moments
1.  Husband having to miss most of Friday running home to get nebulizer.
2.  Grandpa too sick to play for the first 2 days
3.  Jackson getting croup
4.  Maxwell not sleeping unless ontop of one of us
5.  Jackson not sleeping
6.  Grandma with a broken knuckle
7.  Pelting COLD rain while packing
8.  Having to do laundry due to my clothing falling on the ground (and it doesn't come out BTW)
9.  Sore back
10.  Everyone going home with sickness

Even though there were enough things to have both a top 10 and a not so top 10, it was a fun vacation!  I love spending time with my family and it helps with the homesickness to be able to spend time with them.  Also, 3 days at the Wilderness Resort was a good amount of time.  We didn't feel rushed, but we didn't get too  tired of each other!

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