About Me

I'm Emily, a 30 year old mother of two beautiful boys (2 1/2 and 3 months) and husband to a very understanding man!  We live in Iowa and have just moved to a small town, from a large (for Iowa) city.  It's been an adjustment going from working full time as a 5th grade teacher to being a stay at home mom.  But I think we are all learning to love it!

This is our family/my craft blog.  I try to post things that are going on in our lives for our familly that lives far away.  I post crafty stuff so I can share my creative outlet, because let's face it, my husband could care less about the decorations I put up in the house.  I am attempting to make our new house our home and figure out my "grown-up" style while I am at it... all this in between changing diapers, watching IPTV, cooking meals, cleaning the house, going on playdates, and just plain trying to run an errand! 

I hope enjoy the peek into our little family...