Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have calmed down quite a bit about this topic and now I think I am ready to blog about it.

There is new legislation that has been passed with "Obama Care" that says that when a child under the age of 19 gets a new insurance plan can have no pre-exisiting conditions exceptions placed on the policy. It use to be that the insurance companies could give them coverage, but exclude certain conditions either forever or for a certain time period. Now, with this new legislation (effective Sept 23, but Sept 1 with all insurance companies, due to the way they do buisness) the insurance companies are being forced to take ALL pre-exisiting conditions or deny the child coverage.

Because I am no longer working, we need to buy individual health insurance for our family. Andy was accepted, Jackson was excluded from coverage-- this means denied coverage due to "multiple" illnessess... aka pneumonia and ear infections. So, we were ALMOST without coverage, but we could add our family to my coverage through Davenport up until September 5-- it was September 3 when we were told about this denial.

We wanted the best coverage for our family, now we have to decide to pay HUGE amounts of money for the best coverage or go for sub-standard and just get Jackson on a plan, hoping that in the future we can get the BEST coverage at some time.

Just another bump in this road of life...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

It's been a very busy, but fun weekend at the Moore House! We had lots of company (which we loved) and got to spend our time as a family!! We even had a break from "projects" for the weekend!!

Friday, we spent most of the night getting ready for our company. During the week we got the bathroom upstairs and the main floor powder room done and the baby's room 2nd coated. So we were able on Friday to move all of the furniture back into the baby's room and get it set up a little. That means that Jman's room also got put together! We got the guest room all set up with a new bed and nice and organized! The boys' bathroom is all blue and done and looks GREAT! We just have to hang a mirror to finish it off! The Powder Room got 2 coats of Autumal (we need some artwork hung up to make it complete) and it no longer looks like a cave!

Saturday we spent some time cleaning up the main floor and getting a few things together/cleaned up. Then Michael and Jenny (my bro and future Sister-in-law) came for a visit. We went to the river and hung out with the Moore family in Postville. Andy's older brother and his family were also up for the weekend. Then we came back to our house and Michael and Andy hung out in the hot tub while I made breakfast casseroles.

Sunday, andy's family came to breakfast and to hang out. Jackson just loved playing with his cousin Aubrey (Ahh-Bee). They spent a lot of time just following each other around. He also just couldn't get enough of having Uncle Michael and Aunt Jenny around. He is still talking about them!! Sunday afternoon we hit the river again in Lansing. Then Michael and jenny headed home and we headed to Postville to hang out for awhile with everyone. The kids had a great time together!!

Today, Monday, we did a whole lot of just hanging out. We stayed in bed until 8:30, then had waffles. Hung out some more and headed to get sand for Jman's sandbox. He fell asleep in the car on the way home. Then we took naps (all 3 of us). After our naps, Andy and Jackson got his sandbox filled up. After that we met our friend Bean and her daughter and Mom at the park in Waukon. She was visiting from Ames. It was nice to catch up. We then headed home and played in the sandbox and sang songs! It was a relaxing day, until the whole storm system came through and interupted bed time! Jman was afraid of the thunder. So, it was another late bedtime!

Now, I am tired and we have a long day ahead of us. We have a visitation to attend in Cedar Falls. And then we are getting ready for yet another trip to the QCA!

Another week of excitement!
The Moores