Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have calmed down quite a bit about this topic and now I think I am ready to blog about it.

There is new legislation that has been passed with "Obama Care" that says that when a child under the age of 19 gets a new insurance plan can have no pre-exisiting conditions exceptions placed on the policy. It use to be that the insurance companies could give them coverage, but exclude certain conditions either forever or for a certain time period. Now, with this new legislation (effective Sept 23, but Sept 1 with all insurance companies, due to the way they do buisness) the insurance companies are being forced to take ALL pre-exisiting conditions or deny the child coverage.

Because I am no longer working, we need to buy individual health insurance for our family. Andy was accepted, Jackson was excluded from coverage-- this means denied coverage due to "multiple" illnessess... aka pneumonia and ear infections. So, we were ALMOST without coverage, but we could add our family to my coverage through Davenport up until September 5-- it was September 3 when we were told about this denial.

We wanted the best coverage for our family, now we have to decide to pay HUGE amounts of money for the best coverage or go for sub-standard and just get Jackson on a plan, hoping that in the future we can get the BEST coverage at some time.

Just another bump in this road of life...

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