Saturday, March 5, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin

I seriously LOVE Andrea over at Jada Roo Can Do!  Every month (I look every day for an activity) she posts all the learning activities that she is doing for the month and it's always a "theme".  The teacher in me LOVES this and the Mommy in me LOVES that I can get the ideas from her site and do it with little work on my part (leaves me time for other fun things, like playing dinosaur feet, farm, trains, tractors, band, and reading books).

Anyhoo... for March Andrea blogged about a sensory bin using split peas! I had already started collecting a few trinkets for St. Patrick's Day.  Then we took a Friday night trip to Wally World and picked up some split peas for our sensory bin.

 I found some rocks from an activity I did when I student taught in 1st grade (9 years ago, yes, I held onto a tub of rocks for 9 years and NEVER used it before today.  The worst part is I found a box of rocks from when I was a little girl and had collected... some of those rocks are from that collection!)
I added some small green beads and other green stuff from around the house and my craft room (wait for that post, it will be AWESOME and make you all jealous!).

Jackson enjoyed playing and finding all the treasures, although before too long all the treasures were out of the box and a tractor had taken up residence.  I even found Andy running his fingers through the split peas a few times during the day.  They feel really silky and smooth.

Time for bed, there is a baby crying for me!


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  1. Glad you could udse some of my ideas:) Thanks again for linking back to me:):) Love that you used your rock collection from when you were a little girl! that is so cool and a great conversation piece for you and your children.
    Have a fantastic week!!!