Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finished and Hung... finally

Andy and I put together some artwork for Jackson's room... I posted about it here. about 3 weeks ago on an ever exciting Thursday night at the Moore house I put together a picture board to go along with the art work.  The art work is 8x10 was just too small for the big wall so I added the board.  I got the idea from the blog Delightful Order.  I used a piece of fabric I picked up from Wal-mart that was a remnant, the board is from the basement... I think it came from my classroom, and the buttons are from Wal-mart (side note, the buttons Wal-mart sells -- Amazon, JoAnn's, and Hancock are actually made in Lansing, Iowa at the button factory... just a few minutes from us).  I have bought more big buttons to add to the board, because I like the look of them better than the small buttons.

Jackson loves his new photo board.  I need to get some new pictures up there... he looks at it each day and tells us all about the pictures.  I think I need to add a few more straps to the board to hold more pictures and to hold them more securely.  They tend to fall off (especially when there are little 2 year old fingers pointing and touching them).  You can also see that our little guy LOVES to read.  He is reading Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel (one of his favorites, he calls it the Steam Shovel Book and makes Daddy read it at least 3 times a week).   *** He can "read" many of his favorite books with us, we stop reading and he will fill in the words of the books we have read a few times.  It's adorable.
Side note... I am becoming a little bit obsessed with Picnik...  I messed with the photos and the coloring looks more green than it really is.  Below is a picture that shows the true colors of the room.  Which pictures do you like better??  I like the look of the above pictures, but like that the second set shows the true coloring of the room and the little man.

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  1. It turned out great! I bought some from walmart but wish I made my own.