Sunday, January 9, 2011

Easy boy art

When we moved this summer I started looking for artwork to decorate Jackson's new "big boy" room, because the new baby was getting his nursery things. I scoured stores and the internet, I found beautiful artwork- however beautiful artwork comes with a price-- way too high for a little boys' room.

I wracked my brain and remembered that I had made the nursery wallart from fabric and canvases. At first I was going to paint the canvases... but then while at Walmart, I found this fun fabric for $1 for a fat quarter (quarter of a yard) and I could get a fun texture by using the fabric. I picked out 4 of the 6 colors of fabric. I got the canvases at Hobby Lobby (2 for $3.99 regularly priced, but they are on sale all the time, so you can get them 40% off). I also found the pre-painted wooden shapes at Hobby Lobby-- one might be from Michael's, not for sure. They were $.69 each! I couldn't buy the wood for that price! So, for around $12 I got this fun artwork!

I first cut out the pieces of fabric a little bit more than what it would take to wrap all the way around the frame. I just folded the corners like a package. I stapled one of them, then Maxman got hungry and Andy finished up (don't tell him, but he did a much better job with getting them tight and clean corners than I did! :)

I then hotglued the wooden pieces onto the fabric, I pushed on the back of the canvas to make sure they stayed. Now, I just have to hang them up... :)

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