Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's already the 2nd week of January! I can't believe it! We had a great Christmas season celebrating with family and friends and lots of food! I think we (hear me) have finished off all of our Christmas cookies, candies, and treat- thank goodness, because when you are nursing you should LOOSE weight. ha ha. I have a lot of "Christmas" to take down, but no one is coming to the house until Tuesday, so I still have time... ;)
We celebrated with Andy's family the weekend before Christmas. Then we celebrated with my family on Christmas. We use to travel between the 2 families on the holidays, but it got too stressful, so several years ago we decided to do every other holiday with each family. It has lead to much more enjoyment of the events and people and less wasted driving time! :) We get quanity and quality, instead of just rushing!

This is what 4 kids 3 and under looks like in a picture at 7pm.

Jackson loves reading... here with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Larry

After 6 days of Christmas and playing with Grandma Donna and Grandpa Leslie, I think they may have been ready for us to go home... :)

Jackson really does not cooperate for pictures anymore...
kiddos with Uncle Michael and Aunt Jenny

Jackson with his backhoe from Santa... he opened almost all of his presents with it!

Maxwell about 5 weeks

Jman using glitter to decorate his handmade cinnamon ornaments
Our Family of Four After the Christmas Eve Church Service Grandma Jo helping us get ready for the Farm Bureau Christmas office party

Hansel, Lofgren, & Moore Christmas Party

Lily, Maxwell, and Jackson at the HLM Christmas

Tori and Maxwell enjoying their first HLM Christmas Party

Brielle at her first HLM Christmas party

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