Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Decorations

I have been having fun searching blogs and looking for fun crafts to keep myself busy- like I have trouble keeping busy, but I love it!!

I have about a million and one things I want to make... I have had to start a pintrest... check it out, it's a fun website.  Gives me a place  to "pin" my ideas and intrests, then I can go  back and see what I like.  It's really neat!

 First off... subway art on a canvas.  It was fun to make!  I found the subway art at Not Just a Housewife, she also made some for other holidays and boys/girls.  So adorable!!  I had mine printed at the local photo lab so it was about $2 for print, $1.50 for the canvas and I had the  paint and  modge podge.  I hung it on the wall  with a little ribbon.  This website, My Delicious Ambiguity also has a HUGE list of free Valentine's Day art.  Jenny and I made one for her, too!  I am going to make one for my MIL for watching the boys on Saturday!
 This is another fun no-sew activity, since my sewing machine is not working-- still need to figure out if the bobbins are moving... anywhoo...I used fabric glue, ribbon, and a white bath hand towel.  I got the  idea from She's Kinda Crafty. It was SUPER easy, but the ribbon kind of buckled up a bit when  washed, but if I wasn't lazy (and we weren't wiping our dirty hands on it) I would iron it and I think it would look okay.

The BIG project
A Cupcake Liner Wreath

My friend Sharon and I constructed these Cupcake liner wreaths from Tatertots and Jello.   It was fun!  We got the wreaths at  Dollar Tree (for  a dollar) and the cupcake liners from  Walmart.  They were a little smaller than I wanted, but way fun!  We both burned our fingers, but the little boys played super awesome in the sensory bin (will post about this later).  Anyway, we finally finished a project and we were both pleased.  Mine is the "redder" one. These cupcake liners were perfect... maybe I should do another one?!?!?!  Actually, I think I am going to make a topiary that I saw on Adventures in Crafting.  Hmmmm... or should I start on all the Christmas crafts/gifts I want to accomplishs for the year?!?!?!

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