Sunday, January 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Projects

I have several Valentine's Day projects in mind...

1. Cupcake liner wreath

2. Banner/Garland saying of some kind

3. 8x10 Subway art on canvas

While I am waiting to get a few of the materials I need for the above items... I made this:

It's a styrofoam ball! I spray painted it with "watermelon" spray paint, put a ribbon on it, and hot glued a little over 1 bag of the candy hearts. It took about 25 minutes to glue it all on... the paint takes about 30-45 minutes to dry, depending on how thick you put it on! Also, make sure you spread out the green and purple hearts, because their are barely any in each bag and you end up with big spots of pink and white. ;)

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