Thursday, January 27, 2011

Purees... phone calls... and falls

I have been keeping myself busy since the very FUN weekend we had with family! My parents, brother, and sister-in-law came up on Friday for a visit. My dad and brother spent most of Saturday getting our HeatPump up and running (of course it was the coldest weekend of the entire year and they had to be outside), but they being the most awesome family ever, it's all in and our rebate will be on the way soon!!!!
Here are some highlights  from the weekend... 2 1/2 is not the best age for Jman and pictures. He is REALLY NOT interested in taking pictures and he constantly says.. "mommy/daddy/grandma stop taking pictures", makes a terrible face and turns away before you can push your finger down!  Even bribes don'twork anymore- one more way he is like Daddy....

Watching the snowplow with Uncle and Aunt.

"Helping" Grandpa fix the  furnace

Playing peak-a-boo

finally a good shot- minutes before they head home

Tuesday was a REALLY eventful day-- we went to Prairie du Chien in the morning, it took 4 HOURS to got to Walmart and get all of our errands done.  Mostly Dollar Tree and Walmart.  The boys were absolutely FABULOUS!  Maxwell slept most of the time and Jackson was happy to be at the store and was very well behaved.

After returning home, Jackson took his nap and Maxwell "watched" as I made a whole bunch of vegtable purees for our Deceptively Delicious recipes from  the new book Double Delicious by Jessica Simpson.  I love these recipes, because they taste great and they are more healthy for you!!  So while cooking the first batch of purees (butternut squash, cauliflower) I got to talk to my BFF, Alissa.  She called while she was on her way home from work and we just chatted.  I am so lucky she calls, because I can never get it together to call her around 3:30 (okay, maybe sometimes I am taking a nap).  She's the best!

Jackson woke up and was happy... so then I gave him dinner and started  on my second batch of purees (spinach, sweet potatoes) another BFF called, Meghan, she moved to Michigan right around the time we moved to Waukon... anyhoo... we got to catch up and I found out that she is doing fabulously.  Jackson played well and Maxwell was happy while we talked for over 30 minutes.  (that's a long time).

Jackson takes a bath, there is no crying about the water going away... I get the boys' bathroom cleaned and the upstairs vaccumed and Jman down for bed without much of a struggle.  He stays in bed for about an hour... then he comes downstairs.

I had put Maxwell in his Moby Wrap, so Maxwell, Jackson, and I head back upstairs to get Jman down again.  He's down and Max and I head  downstairs... I slipped on the top stair where there is a little bit of wood and we FALL  down the stairs... I missed at least 4 steps.  I landed on my right buttocks and couldn't move for at least 5 minutes.  Of course Andy is at bowling.  I called for Jackson, but he wouldn't get out of bed, because I told him not to.  So I finally am able to get up  and look down at Maxwell. 
after bloody nose

There is blood... It was coming from his nose.  Ahhh!  I can barely walk and my 2 1/2 month old is bleeding.   I call Andy at the bowling alley and make him come home (15 mins later- which is odd, because door to door it's less than a mile).  When he arrives Maxwell's bloody nose has subsided, but we were both shooken up!

He's okay, this is a picture from today. :)

I on the other hand have a sprained disk in my back, pelvic and tail bone out of whack, soreness whenever I sit and getting up from a sitting position is about as painful as can be!  I have been  to the chiro the last two days and go back tomorrow morning, it's helping a lot!  I was just getting over the c-section pain and this happens- very comparable pain (after I was  on the heal that is from the c-section).


  1. Oh no! That sounds super painful! Praying you will be on the mend soon-and very glad it wasn't any worse. Years ago my mom fell down the steps with my youngest brother and broke her tailbone-I remember she had a hard time sitting and walking for weeks. Take it easy and get better soon!

  2. Thanks, Laura! Life is much better after each visit to the Chiropractor. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!