Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heavy Heart

Today I heard some sad news about a friend.  It was super hard to hear, because I know she left behind two sweet little girls.  Through Stoller Strides I have been able to watch those little girls grow up over the last few years. I worked with Erika and always had fun laughing and talking with her.  She was a lover of Bud Light Lime and relished this time of year, when EVERYONE carried it.   We both had a love of shopping (Coach  purses, of course) and a sweet tooth.  She was someone you could confide in and was always willing to listen.

I wish I could understand why she had to leave this world.  But because I can't I have to think about how precious life is and how much I love my family and friends.  I can't imagine leaving any of you by choice.  Life is short and we must cherish each and every moment.

Our First Mom's Night Out-I could always count on Erika to have a drink (or 2) with me. :)

 This one was the beginning of one of the most fun nights out I have had sine I became a mommy.  Erika was a great dancer and kept us all on the dance floor.

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  1. I'm so sorry you lost such a great woman and friend. Huge hugs to you! you shall meet her again someday