Thursday, April 30, 2009

1:15 AM

It's 1:15 AM and I am up. This is not a positive thing. I am NOT a morning person when I do get a good night's rest... I'm crabby when I get woken up a million times in the night and have to take care of a sick baby all by myself. Feel sorry for me, because my husband is in Las Vegas having a good ole time with his friends for 4 days... I on the other hand am taking care of a sick baby. Jackson spiked a 103.9 fever yesterday afternoon. After IB pro. it went down to 99.7 for the rest of the evening. It stinks to be home alone with him and know that he will just keep waking up all night....

I decided at 1:10 this morning that I would still take him to his scheduled Doc appointment at 12:15pm. He is scheduled to have tubes put in on Monday and I am worried that if he has an infection or this fever they won't do it! So maybe if it's his ears we can get that taken care of and the tubes can still go in as planned.

I am going to bed... sleep? We'll see.

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