Sunday, April 19, 2009

29 Things to do while 29

I started this when I was 28... I did a pretty good job on the list, though I need to be more specific...

1. Have inside of house painted (starting April 27)

2. New floor in kitchen

3. New floor in living room

4. hang up pictures after having house painted

5. Organize basement closet and get rid of a LOT of stuff!

6. Finish Jackson's first year scrapbook by his first birthday

7. Make Jackson's first birthday invites

8. Hang up Andy's hunting wallpaper

9. Get bids on siding

10. Take 3 hours of continuing education credit

11. Get new siding

12. Scrapbooks caught up

13. pictures into albums

14. Read 3 books on my want to read list: Riding the Bus with my sister, and 2 others

15. Research parental involvement in schools and how to make it affect student performance

16. Take Spooky to the vet for 1 year visit

17. Plant planters for the front yard

18. Go on a vacation with Andy- no baby, no wedding, just for fun!

19. Take Jackson to a state he hasn't been to yet (he's been to Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, Iowa)

20. Get to pre-pregnancy weight (thanks to stroller strides, I think I can do this)

21. Wean off of nursing, this will be a little tougher than it sounds....

22. Visit Des Moines and all my friends there (and all the new little babies, too)

23. Scrapbook the rest of pregancy book

24. Go on a bike ride with family

25. Write a letter to my son for his first birthday (and get Andy to do one)

26. Make up something creative to do for Jackson's first birthday memrobillia..

27. Continue to make Andy's lunches 4/5 days a week

28. Plant/maintain backyard gardens

29. Do something for myself WITHOUT Jackson

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