Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Menards Online Sucks

I just tried to place 1 order on However, somehow without me choosing to CONFIRM the order, it placed the same order 2 times! Now, on normal shopping websites, you can immediately delete/cancel an order when something like this happens... or they offer you a PHONE NUMBER to call to assist you... NOT on Menards! You have to send an EMAIL. I guess I will have to call a store and get them to give me a phone number to someone in the online department, because I AM NOT paying for the same order twice. GRRRR!!!!

Not only am I tired of spending money on a our new house and wishing that all our boxes would just disappear and all of our thing would magically be organized into the proper place, but now I have to deal with dumb stuff like call Menards to figure out the issue!

Time for bed, my ranting is done. I do love my new house and adore being with my whole family (cat included), I just have this nesting issue going on, on top of all my instant gratificatin needs. ;)

The Moores

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  1. Update... neither order went through, so I have to re-order my items. grr!!