Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Week 2 in Waukon

We survived week 1 and are on to week 2! I have yet to find all of my computer stuff, so I still can't upload pictures, but I hope to get the energy/time to get it done this week!

We have had an exciting week so far. We brought our Spooky cat home! It is great to have her around and I think she likes having us here so far. She is currently looking out the window at all the stuff in the backyard. She slept with us last night, instead of hiding under the bed. Today she cuddled with me while I rested and she even hangs out with Jackson a bit. He is still not quite use to her being here, but I'm sure their friendship will pick up where it left off very soon!

Jackson is still having a hard time adjusting. He is fine while we are in the house and outside playing, but if you move too many things while he is watching or if anyone "strange" comes into the house, he gets really clingy and whiney. He is also watching WAY too much TV for my liking, but since I need time to get stuff done right now, so we can live here, it will just have to do! We need to get a routine of things we do, but everything has been so off with the move and trying to make our house liveable, it's just not possible.

We were in the Quad Cities over the weekend. That was fun. My mom and I went out and picked up a bunch of stuff that we needed and that is hard to find around here. It's expensive to move! We have to replace all of the faucets in the bathrooms, because they don't have drains. This is not acceptable for me! I have a 2 year old- we can't risk him figuring out you can drop things down there!!! I figure since we are going to have the bathrooms painted, we will replace the boring mirrors and light fixtures, too. It will really give all of the bathrooms a new look without spending a ton of money.

We are having fans installed in the bedrooms upstairs and having some painting done. I wish we could just do all the painting at once, but I think we will have to settle for just a few rooms at a time... the kids' rooms & bathroom are first and then the main floor powder room. They are all way too dark! next priority for me is our room and bathroom... I need something other than gray!!

I tried to go to Walmart today... however, we had unexpected visitors... the electrician came to see about the lights we need done and Andy's cousin Amy and her son Ryder stopped by. I was all packed and everything to go! Now, I am waiting for Andy to get home so I can make my trip. I just want to get it all done today, so I can go to the hardware store tomorrow to find the other stuff I need. If I can get to Decorah tonight I can stick closer to home tomorrow and finish up.

It's made difficult, because we eat lunch at 12 (andy comes home, which we love) and then Jackson goes down for his nap... he's been taking 3 1/2 hour naps! So he went down around 1 and didn't get up until 4:30. We can't go to Walmart, cause it will be supper time and I just don't feel like taking a hungry little boy to walmart!

More another day...hopefully with pictures!

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