Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Missing Mommy & Daddy Gifts

Andy and I got an amazing opportunity to go visit Paris, France and Monte Carlo, Monaco for 9 days.  Andy has a job that offers these opportunities.  The only downfall is that I had to leave my babies behind for 9 days.  Luckily, my mom and dad were up for the job!  

I thought it would be fun to leave the little guys some gifts from Mommy and Daddy to open while we were gone.  I got the  idea from the web somewhere... not sure right now, if it's you, let me know!!

 Day 1- Family Photobooks for each boy.  I used my Creative Memories program to create a book for each boy with all our immediate family.  I laminated the pages, hole punched each, and then use a ring to connect them.  I made it "pretty" by adding ribbon, too!
For Day 2- I made Maxwell a ribbon ring. It's a  canning jar ring with lots of colorful ribbon from my stash tied to it.  Jackson got an electronic game to play.
 Day 3- Maxwell gets some paci's to have and Jackson gets some "Color Wonder" paints (don't worry Grandma, they only work on the special paper).  Day 9 is also in this picture- Jackson got some Candy for Day 9.
Day 4- Maxwell got a binkie clip mad by Mommy find the tutorial here.  Jackson got a game that was already at my Mom and Dad's waiting for him.

Day 5- "Guess How Much I Miss You" story book read by Mommy and Daddy.
Day 6- Matching dinosaur T-shirts made using my Silhouette SD and the fuzzy heat transfer material.  They also get a copy of Dinosaur Train shows and a dinosaur book.
Day 7- May Day Basket for Jackson- there is a pair of gardening gloves in there to help grandma.
Day 8- Puppets that I found at Michael's awhile back.

I hope the boys loved all their little treats from  Mommy and Daddy, because we missed them so much!!

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  1. What a sweet mom your are! Such a great idea :)

  2. What a great trip you're going on. Enjoy every minute. The kids will be fine with Grandma and Grandpa.

  3. That is such a sweet thing to do! You are so lucky you have the kids grandparents close by.

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