Saturday, February 21, 2009


Jackson is now "Army Crawling" everywhere! I put him on the floor in our livingroom and he pushes the door closed to the basement and kicks it over and over again (we have a gate up that makes the door bounce back). Then he gets tired of that and heads for Spooky's tail. Lucky for Jackson, Spooky is an easy going cat and just lets him grab at her! When he gets bored with the kitty, he heads for the kitchen, while there he smacks the floor with his hands and enjoys how fast he can slide on the laminate floor. Soon he tires of the kitchen and heads for any cord he can find... usually the hoses to mommy's pump or Daddy's computer. We catch him and move him away and it's off to chase the kitty again!

His tooth is almost through, I can see the tip of the tooth... it can't get here soon enough!

Today, Andy headed to Postville (with his snowmobile) and then to Cedar Falls to put some appliances and ceiling fans into the rental property. Hopefully, that money-pit will pay off soon! Some kids from Postville are going to rent it this spring. Andy is getting ready for his annual snowmobile trip out West. He and a group of friends will be enoying the snow Wednesday-Sunday. I will miss him a lot, but I know how much he loves it, so I guess I can let him go. The worst part is taking Jackson to daycare in the morning, because I have to get up a lot earlier... but I have a hard time doing this!

We have had enough snow around here. It can stop anytime soon!

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  1. How cute! Soon he will be a year and WALKING!!