Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jackson and the ER aka Jackson's First Valentine's Day

Well, our little man's first Valentine's Day was a hit! We had friends over and Jackson got to play with his buddy, Ethan. He is almost as big as him (Ethan is 14 months old). After our dinner of tacos we played some Catch Phrase and had great laughs!

We all went to bed....

Then...Jackson woke Sunday morning @ 2am screamming & breathing super hard. After 10 minutes & call 2 doctor (no answer for on call doctor) we decided to take him to the ER. We were worried he had something inhis throat. It came on so quick w/ a cough & hard raspy breathing....By the time we had reached the hospital his breathing was almost normal and the cough had subsided.

we had just reached the ER when the fun began! In the first 10 minutes the following things happened...
1. Someone was arrested in the parking lot (drunk driving, wife waspicked up by taxi)
2. Code blue- not sure....(turns out it was a fatal Heart Attack)
3. 4 people stabbed... 1 in the back, 1 in stomach, not sure about others (1 was probably going to die. This all happened at Los Bananas. Apparently, this fight was over a woman... one of the men was dancing with another man's woman... hmmm.
4. Plus the waiting room smelled like a bar.

Suffice it to say, it took awhile, 2 hours! All the doctors were helping idiots who stab one another! The nurse said... This is not normal...if it was new years... Happy valentine's day!

As it turns out, Jackson has croup. This is caused by a virus that restricts the airway and then there is this barking cough. He's on a steroid now and is doing better. He hates to take the steroid and it makes him a bit crabby and super hungry! Yesterday, he ate 40 ounces of milk! I couldn't keep up with him! I even defrosted a bottle!

To top it all off... he is cutting his first tooth (we can see it). So he is sooooo darn cranky! He doesn't want to held or put down. Doesn't want to eat, but is starving. Sigh.... yeah for the long weekend!

Monday, President's Day, Jackson and I took a day trip to Coralville. We met up with his Grandma Jo, Uncle Wally, Aunt Lindsey and Cousin Aubrey. We had a nice time visiting... even though Jackson was a bit crabby!!

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