Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Jackson and I have been having a lot of fun the last 2 days! We have gone to Stroller Strides, played on our playset, and laughed a lot! I love being home with Jackson. I have so much fun with him even when he is whining.

Our road is still having a lot of work done on it. They fianlly laid the cement the other day and it's 10 days at least before they will open our road. That stinks, cause we have to trek across people's yards to get to our car. Jackson loves to watch all the men and the trucks along the road.

Things Jackson does now that he is almost 1...

*when he wants to go outside he goes to the door and hits the window... if I don't move fast enough he cries until we go outside.
*he stands up a lot now and plays while standing
*he can walk a lot, but still wants us to help him sometimes
*he fell today while walking to the stairs and got a big goose egg on his forehead
*he loves to splash in the sink when we wash his hands

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