Saturday, February 27, 2010

6 long days...

Today is day 5 of 6... Andy is out of town. I'm use to him being gone Tuesday-Friday, but the weekend is hard! I have really missed my #1 companion. Absence really does make the heart grow warmer!!

I have such respect for single parents.... I have a hard time doing it for a short time... indefinately seems unbearable to think of.

Andy has been snowmobiling with some friends since Tuesday. They left Tuesday afternoon and are arriving home on Sunday. They drove out to Laramie Wyoming. Here's a picture Andy sent.

We have kept very busy!

Tuesday- Stroller Strides & Kohl's
Wednesday- Hair cut for Mommy and dinner @ Sports Fans with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Michael
Thursday- Stroller Strides and a book event at My school
Friday- Dinner @ Azteca and a visit to Uncle Michael & Jenny's
Saturday- baby shower (Uncle Michael babysitting)& Birthday part for Stacy (g & g babysitting)
Sunday- I'm sleeping in!!

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