Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas is OVER... I was ready for it to end, but now that it is all settled, I am sad that all that preparation ended in a few short hours. We spent the holiday in Postville, it was wonderful to see everyone, but the weather really put a damper in visits. Jackson had a great time with his grandpa and grandma Moore and Uncle Wally!!

The best part of Christmas was watching Jackson get excited about all the activities. He ate with exuberance, opened presents like a pro, and showed apperciation for each and every gift he was given. Every box was opened with help from the 17 month old, Jman and he was an EXPERT unwrapper!!

Christmas Eve @ Grandma Moore's

Christmas Day

Jackson is an entertainer... this is his routine... he puts his hands together throws them up and down 3-8 times saying... ba, ba, ba each time then throws his hands up saying AHH! Then he laughs hysterically! We all love it!

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