Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Photo challenge- June 1

I found this while surfing online the other day and decided I wanted to give it a try.  The challenge is to take a picture each day- there is a specific shot for each day.  Since I am trying to learn new things about my camera and use it in different ways, I thought this would be PERFECT for me to try... especially since it's June and it's actually sunny around these parts.

Here is the LIST
June 1- Self Portrait

This was ... interesting... I took about 40 pictures of myself in the mirror, sometimes not even getting a little bit of me in the mirror.   I have new respect for all those bloggers out there that take pictures of themselves in the mirror.  I took the picture in our master bath for 2 reasons... First and most importantly, it was clean, because I cleaned it TODAY while Jackson was at Daycare.  Second, it was the only room with natural light and a mirror... but the gray walls really eat up the light and it was hard to get a good picture even right next to the window.  I think most of my photos turned out grainy because I had to use a high ISO... but oh-well!!

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