Friday, June 3, 2011

Last week

Last weekend was pretty eventful for our little family... It all started Tuesday (5-24) when Jackson had a new set of tubes put in his ears and his adenoids removed.  He then proceeded to get a stomach bug and vomit all over- us and the house.  Maxwell was also under the weather that day, but he is always puking, so we didn't know the difference.  They both got diarrhea, too.  No fun!

But having sick kids didn't hold us back (hey, we didn't KNOW they were that sick).  Tuesday night we headed to Harpers Ferry (20 mins from us) to look at a camper and campsite.  We liked what we saw, but needed to sleep on it.  So we headed home and that's when Jackson got sick.  We thought it was due to his surgery and didn't think much of it.  Just kept pushing the liquids.  He even got to take... gasp... juice to bed with him!!  (this is huge, cause we don't let him have juice on a regular basis).  Wednesday we headed to LaCrosse to look at some more campers- just to wrap our head around the whole idea.  Got some good information and figured we
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weren't getting too bad of a we bought a camper.

Here it is...

Now I have a few inside decorating ideas to accomplish before we show off the inside... those will be before and after photos I believe. :)

What I hadn't said about last week was the suckiest part (aside from 2 sick kids)... 2 sick parents!  Both Andy and I got the stomach bug at the same time!  I got it at 1am and he at 5am.  I puked and had potty issues, Andy, no puking.  What really stinks is we had to suck it up for the kiddos and just live through it.  No offense to the men out there, but Mommies are SO much better at this.  Andy slept most of the day and felt much better than I did by Saturday morning.... however I am just feeling better today (Wednesday).  Yikes!

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