Friday, July 10, 2009

Pre-Party Stress

Okay, so instead of working on my stuff for the party tomorrow I am writing a post for my blog. However, I feel the need to vent and my husband is at work, baby is asleep...

1. Jack-man is taking a nap, got fussy at 2:20pm... this is a problem because his party starts tomorrow AT 2:00pm.

2. I have a pile of pictures I want to hang up, but can't do it on my own.

3. Rain, it rained all day and I haven't gotten my outside work done due to it.

4. Because of #1, I don't have the groceries I need to finish my to-do list.

5. In-laws are coming into town, but not until 8pm, sigh. That's a bit late when you have a munchkin that goes to bed between 8 and 8:30pm.

6. Baby has been up at crack of dawn for last 2 days... I am sleep deprived (more than usual).

I am now taking a few deep breaths and sending a little prayer that everything will work out.

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