Thursday, December 16, 2010

Neighbor Gifts

I wanted to find a fun way to share the holidays with our new neighbors. I decided I wanted to make gift jars, after looking at tons of sites and recipes, I decided to use this one for oatmeal chocolate chip from Poofy Cheeks (click on cookie name for link to recipe). I changed the order of the ingredients... I put the brown sugar and then the white sugar. I tried it the way the recipe said to do it and the white sugar went all the way down and I didn't like the look. So, instead I put the brown sugar on top of the chocolate chips and packed it down slightly around the edges. Also, I didn't pack any of the ingredients down until the end if I needed to. It barely fills up the jar the way it is.

I had a couple of bags of holiday M&Ms, so I added those to the mix, it gave it a little color.

I made two of the snowball jars, because I had some pecans. This one does not fill the jar... I would think of doing it a little differently for that one. But overall I like the looks!

This is the snowball recipe... you can see that it doesn't quite fill up the 1 Quart jar

I made up the jars and put on the recipe tags and a little gift tag (get it here). I decorated a few of the jars with some snowman stickers I got for $1 at Walmart. The jars are also from Walmart (only $7.50 for 12!!). It was a very inexpensive gift, but I think it's thoughtful and fun!!

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