Friday, July 29, 2011

Back it up

So, we learned the hard way this week that you have to back up your stuff, even if you have a back up drive.  I should have put all of my pictures not only on my back up drive, but onto disks and more disks.  My back up drive bit the dust on Wednesday... taking with it 3 years of pictures of my precious little boys. 

Goodness, it's heart wrenching.  I feel like I have a huge weight on my chest right now.  Because I have been in contact with several people and SeaGate (company that manufactures the back-up drive) and it looks like the only option is real life retrieval of the data... which is expensive.  According to SeaGate it is almost a FOR SURE that the pictures are there on the drive, but the memory has to be put in a new drive to make it work.  This doesn't come cheap...$1200.  $1200 sounds like a fortune.  But pennies to the lost memories and the beating myself up I will do if I don't just bite the bullet and have the data retrieved. 

As we speak I am backing up my computer, so I am using Andy's computer right now.  I am just sick to my stomach.  But luckily, we can afford it (don't want to, but we can).  And I can't imagine not having all those files of my babies.  Especially Maxwell, because I have not done as many photo books or printing for him.  I haven't even uploaded most of his monthly pictures onto Snapfish! 

So, now it's to break the sad news to Andy and figure out how I can cut back for the next few months to "make up" for the added expense.  No trips to La Crosse...

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