Friday, July 29, 2011

County Fair

County fairs are nice and small.  I grew up in an area that had a HUGE fair and we almost never went... my grandpa took us for kids day when we were younger (it was always the hottest day of the summer and we ate our fill of junk), but I don't remember going very often.  We visited my grandma in Wisconsin and got to go to the little town fair, which was always fun... I think this fair is like that one, small and you see everyone you know.  I pretty much DID see everyone I knew at the local county fair... all 3 people. Ha ha.
 My friend Sharon's kiddos playing "dead" on one of the tractors! 
My first friends in Waukon (Nola and her Daughter-in-Law Sharon).  We just all happened to be at the fair at the same time.  We even had dinner together!

 Jackson sat on EVERY tractor that was available... kind of glad we didn't go when ALL of the tractors were open during the day.  We stopped by often to ride a tractor during our 3 hours there!

 Grandma Jo and Grandpa Larry with the kiddos.  Notice the barns in the background, yes we went through all of them and our stroller and shoes are still in the garage waiting to be cleaned from all the poop.
 Maxwell and I hanging out in front of the fair.
Our little family at the fair (forgot to take off the filter, but oh well)

Jackson and Maxwell both were excellent at the fair.  They lasted well past their bedtimes and went to sleep (better yet slept through the night) right away.  Even though Jackson had the beginnings of a croupy-coughy-coldy episode.

I love spending Friday nights (and any night really) doing things with our kids.  They are only small and lovey for a short time... I want to soak it all up!!

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