Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have to stop looking at Do-It-Yourself Blogs. In my head I have become a master of sewing (even though I haven't gotten my sewing machine plugged in yet) and all other crafty things. Is it nesting? Maybe, I just want to make everything i see!! Here are a few Christmas presents I hope to accomplish for my kids and a few other kiddos in my life...

1. A puppet theatre for Jackson!
2. A Book Sling for baby, Jackson, and a few other special little people.
3. A Hobby Horse for each of my little boys.
4. An Advent Calendar (for next Christmas I think) for my little guys.

Of course all of these have to wait until AFTER I have finished my class (due Nov. 30th)and baby #2 is born (November 9). But maybe I can get a few of these done...


  1. BTW- I found puppets at Michael's Crafts a month or so ago for under $2 each. I thought it would make such a fun little gift with the puppets I found! And those puppet theatres are REALLY expensive. ;)

  2. I love the book sling. I am totally going to make one!!