Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 Months old

3 months...

My baby is now 3 months old (it was on Tuesday, but that's how it goes when you have a 3 month old)! He is getting so big! I love all of his smiles, giggles, and even his cry is kind of cute (except at 2:30 in the morning). Here is a quick list of the things little Maxwell is up to these days...

  • He loves to look at his big brother. When Jackson is playing he watches him like a hawk and if Jackson goes up to him he will smile.
  • He gets kisses from his big brother at bedtime and SMILES so big! Maxwell likes to give big open mouthed kisses to Jackson!
  • Sleeps from 9-1030pm before going down after his last "meal". He sleeps after his last "meal" for 4-9 hours just depending. We have moved him from the swing, but he only likes to sleep propped up. So, he sleeps on his boppy in the pack'n play in our room.
  • He wakes between 8:30 and 9am, eats and goes back down for an hour or two.
  • He is still nursing almost exclusively... sometimes he gets a bottle, but not very often. It's just easier. I still pump every morning and have quite a stash built up. :)
  • He eats about every 3-4 hours in the morning/early afternoon, but by 4pm, it's every 2 - 2 1/2 hours.
  • He is less of a messy eater... he has gotten it down and goes pretty fast these days. But he likes to hang out and suck. I call myself the "human pacifier".
  • As I eluded to above, still not that interested in a pacifier.
  • He only cries when he is hungry and right before he falls asleep.
  • After every "meal" he spits up... a lot. The most is usually about an hour after he eats.
  • He smiles all the time. I missed this with Jman since I went back to work and I just love it!  
  • Maxwell is very vocal and makes TONS of sounds all the time, he gets especially "wild" when he and Daddy are playing after Jman goes to bed.
  • He is now in 3-6 month clothing (but can still wear 3 month stuff and some 6 month things)
  • We are cloth diapering... this has caused a lot of his clothing to fit a little snug (3 month), but otherwise it's going well. :)
  • Hates belly time. Screams after about 15 seconds, but we keep trying it. :)
  • Grabs at toys that are hanging.
  • sucks on his hands when he is upset... sometimes gets a couple of fingers in his mouth, he likes that. He is really a noisy sucker. ;)
  • clasps his hands together in front of his face and looks at them for a long time.
  • He loves these flat blanket toys he got for Christmas. they make crinkly noises and have soft plastic corners or silky corner, he really likes them and will grab and play with them.
  • Likes to have a burp cloth near his face (probably because we always have one close by, because of his spitting up).
  • Still has all his hair (minus the back where it rubs from sleeping) and is starting to get a curl on his forehead I think. His hair is still lighter than Jman's and really fluffy after a bath.
  • He also has great head control and loves to stand up! Strong legs!!

That's quite a list. He is just such a good baby. We fall more in love with him each day!

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