Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Countdown Day3

Valentine Countdown Day 3: Tissue paper hearts
from: My Delicious Ambiguity
Jackson was not too interested in this activity.  I'm not entirely sure why (prob because there was no candy involved).  The idea is to get tissue paper to make hearts on a piece of paper.  I save a lot of my tissue paper from holidays and birthdays, so this was a free activity to do.  You put a piece of white paper on the table (I tape it down), the child paints using vinegar (this could be why he wasn't interested, no colors), and then lie different sized tissue hearts on the paper.   I might have to wait until next year for this one!

The problem  with this activity... it didn't work.  There was a very light pink color on the paper, but it wasn't that great.  I think I will have the Jman glue down the leftover hearts after naptime and call it good enough!

BTW: I used Picnic to make my picture a little more snazzy...

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