Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Freezer Paper Stencils

My boys all got a hand-made shirt for Valentine's Day.  They are my special Valentine's!  I made the boys' t-shirts by cutting out stencils using Freezer paper.  I found the patterns here.  Then for Andy, his favorite saying and the name of his coporation is Go Big or Go Home.  So when I found this on the Silhouette website, I couldn't resist!  I printed it out on a piece of vinyl using my Silhouette die cutting machine and then use acrylic paint to paint in the stencil.  The acrylic paint is permanent, but it looks faded.  I love all my creations... of course the house didn't get cleaned and Jman watched a little too much TV, but it's good for my sanity!!

They are so stinking cute!!

As part of our Valentine's Night out... Andy and I went to Prairie du Chein for dinner.  We didn't have reservations at the Hibachi Grill (no kidding, in PDC there is a Japanese restaurant!) until 7:30, so we stopped by Walmart... oh what a fun life we lead!  I got the  boys a bunch of long-sleeved shirts that I can embellish for next year and Andy got some microfiber towels that I am going to embellish with AJ's Pro-shop so he could give them away when he sells bowling balls.  After dinner we also hit up Culvers... yum!!


  1. Oooh, my goodness! This is so fun to see! I just clicked over because of the comment you left on your blog...and what a nice surprise. Your shirts turned out great! If you don't mind, I'd love to include you in my next reader's feature.

    And thanks for your comment...I totally agree about giveaways. I even won one once...but the blogger never even told me so I didn't know for about a week...and then the sponsor never sent it.