Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today I was thinking about our poor, neglected cat, Spooky.  She was our first baby... we got her just before Jackson was concieved.   We  loved her and cuddled her and even after Jackson was born there was a  lap available for her to cuddle up each night... now there are two kids to take up our laps and one of them likes to pullher tail.

I am always posting some antic of the kiddos, so I thought I would make a list of things I love about Spooky!
  • This is a picture of one of her favorite spots in the house... the sink.  She will curl up in the sink daily.  When I was getting ready for work at our old house, she would be in the right hand sink and we could only use the left sink. 
  • She doesn't mind water... you can spray her and she won't run away.  You can turn on the water when she is in the sink and she won't move.  She sits by the drain in the basement waiting for water to come out of the hose.
  • Spooky has a love/hate relationship with Jackson.  She growls at him when he pulls her tail, but she rarely goes more than a few feet from him.  She also loves to go into Jackson's room at bedtime and go under his bed (or lay at the end of his bed once he is asleep).  We often have to shake her treat container to get her out of there at night.I walked by Maxwell's room and saw Jackson reading Spooky, "Just one more story.  Just one more story."  By the time I got back upstairs with the camera the cat was on her way out.  We say, "Just one more story." to Jackson at bedtime when we are starting our last book for the night.  I love that kid!!

  • She doesn't make much noise.  We rarely here her "talk", unless she is hungry!
  • When we go to sleep, Spooky joins us in bed.  Andy calls her "the chaperone", because most nights she sleeps right in between us (often under the covers).  She likes to be close, but she rarely comes by our heads.
  • Spooky gets to go on a lot of  overnight trips.  Whenever we go to visit anyone for more than a couple of days Spook heads to Grandma and Grandpa Olson's where she gets spoiled, she pouts for a few days when she gets back.  She lived with Uncle Michael and Aunt Jenny for the summer, too, because she doesn't get along with other cats.
  • She's an indoor cat.  She pretends that she wants to be outside-- lies by the door, sneaks out when the door opens, but she never goes very far.
  • Spooky eats out of "fancy" dishes, they are the cat Fiestaware.  Very hard to find!
  • She stalks chicken and ham dishes.  She loves them and if you don't watch your food carefully, she will get to it.  Yes, our cat gets on the counters... like I said before she is not afraid of water.  We take her off when  she gets up there, but sometimes it's a loosing battle.

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