Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another wreath...

Since my Christmas fabric wreath broke and I didn't get to show it off to anyone... I decided to make one for Valentine's Day... I love it.  It took 3 days of naptime to accomplish, because Maxell (12 weeks, wow) doesn't sleep too long during the day.  Here it is...

This is what it looks like on our door, but I can' figure out how to make it look correct, please turn your head to the left to envision the beauty. ;)
Picture of my mantle... Lots of blogged ideas
prints:  owl, subway art left, subway art right, wreath, heart bouqet ( can't remember)

I'm officially done making things for Valentine's Day!  I have to work on a couple of gifts now!

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  1. I think your mantle looks beautiful! I like the wreath and the heart centeripiece below it. :-) I think when you add pictures to a blog, you have to rotate it in your photo editing program and then load it to the blog. I haven't figured out a way to rotate it after I put on blogger either, but I'm a newbie too. :-)